Is it still possible to cheat on ranked (video attached)?

Just saw this video, some Taiwanese players were playing against Chinese players on Team Ranked, and they found out their opponents were cheating after started losing:

Does anyone know if this has already been patched? I’d hate for that to happen in my games.

It’s impossible to prevent cheating with current hardware and software, all they can do is put obstacles in the way to increase the difficulty of doing it. I don’t know if whatever they did in that video has been made harder, but there was mention of anti-cheat measures in the notes for the last game update.


Stability & Performance

  • Implemented additional safeguards to defend against unsanctioned cheating."

They should obviously report it to get the player banned.

Cheating like this is cut and dry, and it should take any person no time at all to confirm that was some form of illegal mod.

can someone tell me how exactly the person cheated i mean i saw the video but couldt clearly see it out

Look at his resources, for instance, he’s got 99 million gold, and they build buildings super fast, they build bombard, towers almost instantly

You can see the same thing on their whole team, except blue.

Yes it is possible, check this article : Reversing Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition • RedRocket
I personally love how they are able to dodge the mangonel shots haha

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Are you sure it is ranked? 500 pop doesnt seem normal.

Thank you for the link to the article. It was a good read.

The author genuinely seems to care about resolving the vulnerabilities rather than exploiting them. The advice to insert simple sanity checks (such as ‘your client commands can only refer our own units’) seems like an easy win.

I recognize that fighting cheaters is a never ending battle. A two pronged approach of fixing easy things and publicly punishing (banning) players that exploit the difficult things would resolve most problems.

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