Is it time that the Devs spoke to the community about the state of the game and plans going forward?

I feel as if a dev blog or some sort of announcement is needed to explain why the game was release in this state and whether or not support/progress will continue.

I for one am very cautious about buying games in beta/early access from companies I dont know. But with AOE3, I just had to support it as a player since 2005. However, the state of the game is a real issue and I think the community deserves an explanation as to why it was released in this state and whether or not it will continue to be supported as the reception to the release has been so negative.


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Devs are communicating in every steam update message they make, just read the updates on steam, they say what they fixed and what they’re investigating on for next patches.

I am myself a big player, but just keep being gratefull they still work on it, people tend to forget it’s not a AAA new game that’s selled by millions with infinit budget.

  • people should really stop for bad demands in this forum that may just block devs from reading… like changing porto or germany 15 years after, or changing something in the solo none care about…

Just let them focus to make the game work as good as legacy works, I think fixing the online is what matter the most for now.

And then let’s ask for something more.


There are some issues but the devs are actively working on the game and listening to community feedback

They are updating the game for now, but they’re not focusing on the correct things.

Creating systems that work well is important, quicksearch in it’s current state isn’t on the maps TAD playeres enjoyed. I don’t think the devs understand the reasons behind this and are trying to force a meta most team players didn’t ask for.

Y E A S!!!

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