Is it too much to ask for better unit AI?

Here are some things that I would love to see. I have mild arthritis in my mouse hand, and I can’t really do 120 clicks per minute. I can do between 45 and 80 clicks per minute. That means I can’t micro units as well as some other people.

That said, here are some ideas for unit AI modes that would help everyone.

  1. Fleeing tactics. This mode is for ranged units like cavalry archers. Basically in this mode, as soon as a unit takes damage, it runs away 5 tiles in the direct opposite direction to the unit that attacked it. Literally you would simply press a button to put your cavalry archers in this mode, and they would do the fleeing tactics as soon as damage was taken. This tactic allows all the other cavalry archers in the group to fire, while the cavalry archer that is actually taking damage kites away. Its a great response to focus fire.

  2. Free fire mode. When you attack move, the AI would now assign random targets to units in a group. It sort of does this now, but there is still overkill as of now.

  3. Trebuchet unit aggressive mode. Trebuchets in this mode fire on all enemies. Please don’t come out of the woodwork and say that trebs shouldn’t fire on enemies unless ordered to. It really puts to much advantage on people with higher apm. Imagine if mangonels wouldn’t fire on enemies or archers wouldn’t fire on enemies unless you ordered them to? It would suck, even for normal people.

  4. Ai building. This is something only single players will care about, but if you have an ally that is an AI, they are in the habit of building structures in your base. You can order them to destroy the structure, but they go and build another in its place. It is annoying.

Two different units with two different purposes.

Furthermore in my experience auto fire on mangonels sucks. Trebs should not be ab army themselves

Or maybe we should reward good unit control.

Good. This means Manual control will be superior to ai control.

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serious question… are you a troll?

Why would you oppose simply having a mode of fire that allows people to tell the trebuchet what to do? If its about having superior technical skill, why not lock the commands to tell ANY unit to fire behind a rubic cube puzzle or something?

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You already have that. You can manually control your trebs

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He has logic behind him unlike all your posts.sometimes I wonder if you play the game at all.


Micro is a major aspect of the game and it’s like it’s own mini game within the game itself, doing this would eliminate the need to practice micro.

Taunt 69 is your new best friend