Is it too much to ask for Nubians to be added as a Civ?

The game needs more archer civs, every game I’m facing with either a Briton or an Ethiopian flank. Give us more Archer civs please, and Nubians are the best addition for this role. And since Archers of The Eyes are already in the game, I don’t think it is me asking for too much. What’s you guy’s take in this


Before they add a full civilization they should give the hero the correct skin,an african person armed with a longbow.


I would welcome more African civs so yes, why not Nubians.


your way of asking is not really polite so i hope you’re not expecting a well written and mannered answer yourself. to make it short you dont give any reasons for nubians thats not valid for any other archer civ.


According to the polls, Nubians are actually one of the highest demanded African factions, and the highest outside of the Bantu area. I was surprised to see it, considering I rarely saw people ask for them before, so it’s a good thing to see people get more vocal.


You’re right, I wasn’t expecting broad answers. I just wanted people’s opinion. Now that I think of it should have been better as a poll. I’ll keep it in mind if I do post in the future.

Given, that devs are still making DLCs anad adding civs, it is not too much hoping for Nubians or asking for them. You just make it more difficult with your passive-aggressive way of writing

This is not advocating for a new civ, but for a better balance between the +/- 20 civs with FU arbalesters.

It is not only about one unit, but also about a whole civ concept with research for passing civ bonus and campaign. All while being in a DLC with one more civ with the same “africa” theme.

I do not need more civs, but I think it would be nice to have more african civs if the devs can make it happen. And the Nubians sound like a good addition to the game.


Nubians could be an archer+camel civ.


SOTL’s prediction will come true then.

I meant an African Archer & Camel civilization, not Nubians.