Is it useful to report quitters?

It happens unfortunately quite often in 3v3 team games with random players (quick match).

  • You start the game normally, and you are 10-20 minutes in.
  • A bunch of enemy soldiers appear in near base and they quit… they don’t wait for help… sometimes they don’t even try…

I honestly do not know what these people are expecting from the game, but with this behaviour, they ruin the experience for the other 5 (at least I perceive that it can get extremely inbalanced if it’s suddenly 2v3 if ELO matching worked fairly ok)

But is it ok or useful to report these player after the game? Is someone monitoring / are there any intentions to do something against this?

If your opponent quits simply because they were not prepared for your rush, using fair play, it is fairly common. Please reserve the reporting system for genuine unsportsmanlike conduct.

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