Is it Wrong to report people that are not following the rules of aoe3 DE stress test?

Hey Guys! I know many people will read this so just to be clear I created a Topic about how to report people that were showing images, videos, and very detailed info of the aoe3 DE. The Email said clearly not to do that. Yesterday I gain HATERS for posting that. But I know for a FACT that I did not tell this guys to STREAM aoe3 DE to all the world. So it is not my fault, I just found them streaming and even told me that I was part of that just because I was watching, they also said they did it with the first beta. so here is the thing! Now, these people want to destroy my reputation From ESO communities, Facebook Communities and have already banned me from discord communities and said that they will do anything they can so I’m not able to play with any other player.
So what do You think? did I do the wrong thing?
-They irony of this is that This beta Stress Test really has given me so much STRESS in only 24 hours.
Blessing to all the betas, Y’all are doing a great job!



Well, I’ll give you my sincere opinion. Nobody, absolutely nobody, likes to be confronted with things they shouldn’t be doing, especially when it can lead to some kind of punishment.
I personally believe that there is no harm in making a complaint here, after all we all accepted microsoft terms when we decided to be Beta Testers. What is a privilege that not every community has access to, and a community that has been eager for the definitive edition since the first one left.

That said, it is easier for you to understand why you are suffering a violent reaction from those you reported, given that in the community, which is eager for content, you are probably being the asshole - I don’t think you are asshole - that prevented two people from sharing between something they love is the age of empires. In the community you are probably being painted as the guy who reported two lovers of the game because they are simply sharing something they love, since they do not understand the seriousness that this type of closed test must have. The violent reaction is why. What is the suggestion I give you. The next time this happens, report to moderators in a discreet way that you don’t need to expose yourself, especially when reporting something that despite being wrong is not seen as harmful by the overwhelming majority of players who want to have access to more content soon. After all, we love acting and we all want to share with our friends the incredible game we are testing.


You are definitely not wrong! Those who violate the rules should be punished. Simple.

But as said above you could have expected the reactions from those streamers and reported anonymously. Feeling sorry for the stress you have to suffer from.

It’s insane how shameless people could be. I wish Microsoft/Valve could ban them permanently from this game.


Man, while you are right in doing so and there is no need at all for the flak you are taking, you learned a lesson that someone said on Joan of Arc’s camp: discretion is the better part of valor.

Do not announce that you are going to report people that are silly enough to break a non disclosure agreement on live stream, cause silly people will not measure efforts to make you miserable as they are.


The comments are right, you should not tell them that you will report them, just report them and that they sanction them, warning them only exposes you because they will immediately remove the content and now they know your name.

If you catch a criminal in the act … call the police, or you may be in trouble.

Either way I agree, you did nothing wrong


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La reacción de ellos no ha sido adecuada, eso está claro, pero no sé que necesidad tenias de decir eso cuando ellos lo único que stremeaban era en los canales de discord entre ellos. Es como si yo tengo la beta y le digo a un amigo que venga a mi casa a verla, en ningun momento lo streamearon por ninguna plataforma.

No. It is not wrong to report another insider for violating the NDA. Please send all reports to If anyone is insulting you or making threats on this forum, please flag those comments and the moderation team will take care of the issue. If the insults and threats are on another platform, please block or ignore those users so they can no longer contact you.

I’m closing this topic since there is nothing left to discuss.