Is matchmaking against AI based on ELO score as well?

When looking at AoE IV leaderboard on this site, I surprised to find that there is a separate ladder for “versus AI” as well, with 4 times the players to PvP 1v1 players, too. Does it work the similar way as PvP?

Do the game pair you with similar ELO score players when searching for coop, just like in PvP? If that is the case, I actually don’t want it to be that way. Because currently the AI is not that challenging, I’m only a ~1100 PVP player, and me and my friend were already able to defeat 6 hardest AI in a 2v6 custom match. If I’m paired with even stronger players as I win more, then the match will just become easier and easier. I actually prefer to be paired with more noob players against AI, so that there is at least some challenge remain. (By the way, I read it somewhere a few months ago that AoE IV will use neural network to train its AI, where is that? I originally expected to fight against something like AlphaStar)

I also noticed the PvE ladder doesn’t differentiate 1v1 or 4v4, they all share the same one. Do I still need to finish 10 matches of the same type (same difficulty as well?) in order to show up on the ladder? Cause I can’t find myself on the ladder yet, depite having played like 7 matches of 3v3 AI and 6 matches of 4v4 AI.