Is matchmaking or 'elo assigned' really working as expected?

Im a goldish, not a good one but decent to be able to play in gold so yes, I still have A LOT to learn and to improve… Besides that t I have been playing too many games (>15) with people who were around my own elo and there is a HUGE difference in skill… I’d say that I even prefer to have an AI-Hard so they could do some units and early rush at least… I start feeling that team ranked match is unplayable if you don’t go as a full team because of the HUGE difference between players (and yes, I do not enjoy 1v1 as much as team ranked), most of the time is just one less in the team but it takes resources so… kind of encumbrance. Others have developed the spamming unit skill even though they just send cavs vs a pike wall but at least they take some damage in… Ridiculous

Example of last game, the straw that broke the camel’s back
Green was not even getting early attacked, rushed, nothing… He was just chilling on the corner doing eco with 5 or 6 real knights AFKing in the TC while on my flank we were holding it. Like, WTF? A game or two, even three is okay but this starts getting super annoying and unfair. I just simply don’t understand why there are so many people, I bet they cannot defeat AI, playing in goldish… either matchmaking is not working at all or ‘elo assign algorithm’ is extremely generous.

Score graph

In general score, green was the last one by a difference of 4k points from next-to-last. In army, almost negative score. Surprisingly, in eco score a difference of 2,5k points from next-to-last…

To this, let’s add those many lobbies we have to dodge to avoid clearly unfair matchmaking where you have to face a premade of 4 which winrate is above 56%, all of them in plat, but you have your silver mate which winrate cant get higher than 23% but if you dodge you start getting penalties… something is clearly not working

Tbh i dont understand why it dosnt match according to rank.
+/- 2 rank.

Are you plat 1 youll meet in the range of gold 2-plat3.

Mixed Ranking? Simple. Keep the same rule but for individual teammates.

Itll be longer waiting, but such is the result if you want to be “carried” by a much higher rank.

Plus teams are more even.


1 conqueror 2 + 1 gold 2 vs 1 Diamond 3 + Platinum 1

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