Is mongol that good or am I just bad?

I just can’t seem to find a way to beat them I feel like im trying to stay alive in feudal then bam they hit castle and have mangonels with MAA while im barely have enough resources to throw archers/either spear or worsemen at them let alone age up… The khan speed boost is just so amazing if you leave your base and he outnumbers you its certain doom for your army its so hard to punish them for not having walls… I’ve been getting an english/hre bug but I can’t seem to ever beat a mongol player unless i’m playing Rus.

Ur not bad bro :wink:

Mongols are completly overtuned in serveral regards.
U can double check it here Civilizations | AoE4 World
So the typical “learn to play” flame isnt right there because the gap between mongols and every other race increases by playerskill and how they can abuse it.

The double production is overtuned
The tower costs in combination with the resources for raiding if u as a defender cancles a turret to defend is hillarious.
The buff of the Jam network is up on the units for ages if not in tower range
and much more…

So dont be frustrated. I´m quiting sometimes instant out of a game when I picked HRE to improve and get matched vs a mongol.
After I see the tower rush I will quit because its statisticly so bad that on high elo 62% of all games with that matchup is won by mongols.
Such balancing numbers are a real shame and I realy dont understand how that can be live for so long… The devs have to be frustrated too or they dont play there own game?

But sry it escalelated to a flame but ur not bad bro :wink: The devs only have a clear favorite right now

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I have managed to beat mongols with china and russia, cause I tried to explain in another post, you can give the best op civ ever to the WORST player and it will be the worst civ ever. It depends a LOT on the player’s ability, not on the civs themselves. That’s why I think they will make very few changes in the next patch (whenever we get it)

This kind of coment is quite annoying, it’s basicly a denie of how science work. When a civ have more than 55% winrate (62% at the highest level) mean the civ is too strong and it’s the case at ANY level (based on winrate stat).

I have managed to beat mongole and i struggle more against Rus but come on, we don’t care about “personal opinion”, Mongole is OP based on stats (which is the most relevent argument) and opinion of 99% of top players, ofc if you pick mongole againt MarineLord abassyd you will get rect in probably 10 min.

I think nothing about next patch but i hope a TON of change, specificly when they said than mongole is their standar, that mean they wont nerf mongole that much but buff all others to make them as strong as mongole.


That was the goal they set, but to be fair they wanted Mongol to be the standard before the power of Mongol tower rush was really uncovered so I expect some kind of nerf to them (especially since they nerfed Delhi sanctity due to how it warped early gameplay).

No, Mongols are that absurdly good. They have the capacity to rush and pressure you early game AND macro on top of it. No other civ has the ability to do both.

IF you rush, you sacrifice eco. If you turtle, you sacrifice military. That’s the way it should work. But Mongols can do both well thanks to stone buff being too strong.

But if the tower cost 70 (i dont remember the cost of mongole tower 70 or 75) for all civ, maybe the mongol tower rush will be much ez to hold?

I don’t realy understand why mongole have that amount of adventage early game, ovoo is a specific mecanic so that’s okey by why their tower are cheaper? plus no need house.

Anyway i think changing the ovoo rate based on your age is a pretty solid start to make mongole less opressive early game and maybe stronger age 4.

It’s 70 while most civs have it at 100. But it’s also that combined with the fact that arrow slit cost is mostly stone so they can just put it on every tower for what feels like free while any other civ would have to mine gold. They also have the option of getting a couple cheap spears for some stone which makes it really hard to contest the early towers.

Grubby had some good suggestions on his latest balance youtube video suggesting either slower stone gather or more expensive double production and making mongol tower upgrades cost more gold and no stone since the feel like they are basically free for mongols. (Also yam network lasting 30 seconds after leaving the tower means you can cross the map and still be moving extra fast while raiding vills).

One day… one day, my Muslim civilizations will go above 48%!

headbangs monitor

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Im a HRE main and im feeling ur point bro :wink:

But in general there are hidden things that makes mongols OP.
Im fine with it when I have to delay my fuedal to rush wood to get my gold covered by a tower and maybe add a second tower to there tower location but the silly part is that the mongols can force u to build a tower and simply cancle them. If ur cancling ur tower than the mongol player gets there raid bounty and this is not like it is written in the text/rules. They can squiz there resources to tech up out of that without going on gold in extrem cases.

That shouldnt be possible because ur investing into crippling the enemy eco and get even resources out of it …

I think they were mostly talking about the viable diversity of the Mongols. Besides their obvious issues, there are a lot of options to play them or adapt. That’s why they were my fav civ until recently. Playing other civs feels pretty restricting in n that matter. French, HRE, English have that one path to play them. Chinese seem to have some diversity going, but it feels really cumbersome to pull it off, so they are also basically all about their siege. Can’t say much about Dheli, didn’t play them too often and Abbasids have no way to play them as it seems, as they don’t even have that one reliable way.

Sure, you can do other things and be successful with it, but it feels like gimping yourself, if you don’t go for royal knights or longbows.

Mongols are unplayable without trade. And for it to boom it takes time. And Keshiks, mangudai and mongols tower are paper.

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You realize that you answered to a 2 years old post ?

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