Is posible to add gestures to the games?

imagine you are fighting and then you use your culverins to destroy 2 falconets in 1 shot, you want to express your feeling and you press V to send a kind of signal on the map an miniemoticon appears.


you have those in form of Taunts

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thanks for the help bro

Haha so you what Emotes like Clash Royal??? :rofl:

There is a proper one for that;

“I believe that makes me your daddy.”

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yes! like in lol, ive not played senn clash royals ones

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so boring. and not practical to write on team games, because i have to press: enter + * taunt number. Instead of just pressing a hotkey to make kind of signal appear and then select the emoticon as a signal

You could also just not chat, and play :smiley: