Is ram rush the meta for aoe4?

I played aoe4 for a while when it was released last year only with mongols. Then I haven’t played ever since. This week I decided to come back and try this game again after so many patches in the past few months. I played Abbasid and holy crap every game is a feudal ram rush. If the opponent is English they will longbow MAA ram push me. If they are French they go knight pike ram push. I played 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4, everything game is ram push. I quickly felt bored after two days so I just wanted to ask is this the developed meta? I.e. best strat?

Rams are getting rammed in the next patch worry not.


Ram rushes are meta in feudal age because they are literally the only option to end the game before reaching castle age. I have no idea why this is not being critizised more as it leads to a very stale and repetitive game play. There should be more options to end the game in feudal age (dark age as well) if someones doing much better than the opponent.

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Yes it is repetitive and boring. I am not playing well compared to them because I’m new, I can’t mass larger army than opponent. But the strategy and gameplay are identical every game….it is frustrating. Every game I am garrisoning vills, ungarrisoning, repairing, over and over again….

dude watch some you tube videos on how to start up. not how to play… just how to start up in the first 2-3 minutes. that gets your eco on track then you are better placed to counter tower and ram rushes.

next week the ram health going less than half that should help. but the broader issues of being new can be countered by learning from exp players they put out guides all the time. you don’t need to follow every little detail just learn the overall objective and get that down.


watch casted games, drongo is amazing in teaching new players how to counter or what strats have what advantage.

I don’t think that this will help anyone. Nerfng rams means literally no options anymore to end games in feudal. Idk to what extent TR will be weakened with the next patch but feudal pushes will most likely be pretty much gone. Again less strategies for a strategy game. If they want to get rid of feudal ram pushes they would need to redesign the starting TC like lowering its fire rate. Personally I’d find that much better as it opens up space for more strategies.

The problem is not I lose to this push, no matter I win or lose, I just feel bored by this meta…this play happens every game and that’s the problem. Quite repetitive. I hope more strats are available other than tower rush or ram push.

Also the fact that I play Abbasid, all the opponents are either English or French. For Abbasid there’s no counter to English MAA in feudal so I really have to FC every game. And if opponent is French they just blindly spam royal knight…I know royal knight coming with my eyes closed. It is just so easy to predict and the strat is so one dimensional….that’s what I am frustrating at.

Yes the french are poorly designed. The second feudal age landmark is quite niche so pretty much every game with french involved leads to knights. But here we go…

And an overwhelming majority of players pick English and French. It just makes this game so boring now. There are 6 other civs and players choose to ignore them.

If you play abbassids then you will definitely see a lot of ram rushes due to the civ playstyle since if they leave you alone for too long your eco becomes much better than them.

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True that. Abbasid have a strong boom that needs to be stopped early in the game.

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Ram rush is not a meta in Feudal unless some more aggressive civ, on a more open map, invites you to it.

I am grateful that in this game you can, on occasions, finish the games before going to Castles and it seems to me that the nerf to the battering ram is going to render the strategy totally useless.


Why not make the starting TC weaker now that the rams are weaker too? Rams have usually been used to crack towers and other defensive structures like the TC. With rams being weaker now wouldn’t it be quite helpful if the starting TC was weaker too? As a result we would receive many more options to make decisions in dark and feudal age apart from going to the next age and best thing is that repetitiveness with having to create rams literally every time when trying to end a game in feudal would be gone. People could go for various kinds of normal unit compositions then.

Whats your opinion here?

What might bore many in this game is its stagnation with thousands of castles and walls and a not very satisfying Imperial (they are looking to improve it).

In AoE4 I see the use of battering rams if you want to end the game in Feudal. If you want proposals, there are several possible ones (I say 2):

  • That the main TC has 5000 HP (like any Landmark).

  • The ram cost 250w and the technology that allows them to be created on the battlefield is removed, so they can be created directly (the Abbasids could build them on the battlefield for half the price to compensate).


Rams are pretty much the only option to end games in feudal. Decreasing the HP of the starting TC will not open space for more options. You still won’t be able to make a difference with any feudal units bar rams. Second proposal doesn’t give more options either.

So what do you think about reducing the fire rate or general defensive power of the starting TC in order to open up space for mor strategic options to end the game in dark and feudal age? So that people arent forced to build rams anymore which leads to a very stale gaming experience. Of course defensive civs would need to get buffs here and there in order to compensate it but im just theorycrafting here. What are the cons to a less powerful starting TC?

I have the impression that you have not understood me. I agree that the battering ram, with its respective units (or perhaps a significant spam of armored units), is the only option to end the game in Feudal. If you can’t, you can always finish it in Castles. It’s much better than what’s in AoE2, which forces you to move into Castles to finish off a player.

If you give units too much siege strength, the battering ram becomes a useless unit.

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With latest PUP all siege hp are being nerfed, this will lead to increased power of wall which is already strong. Also tram game will be even more turtle oriented because of the victory condition change. There is no point rushing now because booming will reward more.

It will still be possible to gain an advantage with an early rush that idles and kills villagers, it will just take longer to turn that advantage into achieving a victory condition.

The problem with this game is that patches are not balancing the game … Just changing the Mets to other op strats, they balanced the game like a MOBA instead of an RTS.