Is single player experience smooth in the current patch?

Hey guys, since the launch of aoe3de i’ve been thinking about buying the game (only for campaign) but every time i looked up social media posts about aoe3de, i saw people saying the game is not in a good state and sometimes it’s unplayable (plus the memory leak bug a few months ago)
and recently (before the latest patch) i’ve seen some people saying even the campaign experience isn’t good due to performance issue

but with the newest patch being out, is the game smooth for single player experience?
would you recommend buying the game right now to someone who just wants to play the single player content? or should they wait for more fixes

is single player experience smooth in the current patch?
  • Yes
  • No

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I have almost always played only in signle player, skirmish or campaign. And honestly I have never encountered any problems, for me it can be considered a smooth experience


It runs smooth, but the campaigns arent great ^^’

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AI in skirmish is really bad, cant comment on AI of campaign tho.

Also pathfinding is pretty bad but depends if you find that important in singleplayer, thats more an issue for multiplayer

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I often play single player against the extreme AI before starting my work day. The new AI is smarter and much thougher. It is quite pleasing to play against it. He still cheat though (+30% gather rate or something like that).

It has been improved in a number of ways regarding army composition (No more merc+ artillery spam but coherent army) and overall performance/ability. I consider myself as a decent player and I used to be able to defeat 3 expert AI without cheese, now I struggle against 2 extreme AI. I believe for the price at which the game is sold, and for the AI alone, I would recommend buying it.


Exactly this same experience. As long as you have an updated driver and a decent laptop or pc the game works perfectly fine.

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