Is something wrong with lobby system?

This week when I create a lobby I do not get a single player. It almost looks like if nobody can see my lobby.
Is this a know issue or am I doing something wrong?


It’s a known issue multiple players are complaining about. There’s even a few bug reports about it.

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It is a known bug that not all lobbies shows up, with this as result.

If you want to get into a game quickly, then i would advice ranked. It is really the easiest way to find a game and it is even the best way to get into a balanced games as well. The balance between the teams in the lobby is on average much worse.

So maybe take the step and change the lobby for ranked!

If you only play certain maps, it might be useful to find communities for them as well. Black Forest has few, no doubt Arena or Nomad have their own communities as well, or CBA. The join codes at least still work regardless of lobby issues.