Is stacking units on top of each other bug using?

Asking because I had a game where I was ahead, opponent was Britons and he kept doing the “1 tile wide stone walls corridor” trick to stack all archers inside. I ended up winning but it was annoying. I also feel it shouldn’t be in the game, given how melee units were explicitly patched when they also had similar behavior.

Thoughts on this? And what is the stance of the devs on the matter?

Inb4 make Onagers, you can’t always land a good shot, not vs Britons of all civs who have 5+6 range and can often snipe the Onager beforehand.


Yes, a little less stacking it would healty

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Surely treb snipe. One lucky shot and goodbye longbows/arbs. :joy:

Use bbc or onagers.

Trebs don’t deal any splash damage, funnily enough.

How did you beat them? Rams?

Use Warwolf Trebs! :wink: :joy:

in the end through superior macro and denying him wood, I was able to beat him. I should also mention that I was Burmese, so I didn’t even bother making Skirmishers, although in retrospect, I probably should have, even lacking 2 armor upgrades, it’s better than Hussar Halb Champ Bombard Cannon which is what I ended up doing.

After tweenty years they didn’t find a way to patch that. If they don’t know how to avoid that, they should make unit idle when there is more than 4 units per tile.