Is super quick Age 3 for HRE, bypassing a lumber camp, windmill, and wheel barrel, a viable build?

Hi. I am wondering if going for a super quick Age 3 for HRE, and skipping the lumber camp, windmill, and wheel barrel, a viable build for HRE?

Here is Beasty playing HRE against Kasva, and you can see Beasty skipping the lumber camp, skipping a windmill, and of course, no wheel barrel, and just going for Age 3: Twitch. You can see Beasty doesn’t even chop wood until his landmark for Age 3 starts building.

I guess the main pro of going for super quick Age 3 with HRE is that you can pick up relics earlier. But aside from picking up relics earlier, isn’t it a disadvantage to not get wheel barrel earlier?

Not researching any economical technology is a disadvantage, but there is a trade off right? making fast wheelbarrow builds is not free. Whatever makes you win games is the right choice.

Remember a game from road to wololo last week, chinese player went for mill IO opening, enemy towered his berries (which were forward) and… GG

Edit. Oh forgot to say, regarding the wheelbarrow openings, my opinion is most players doing it too early (in open maps where is easier to rush an attack and build an offensive tower; having this technology wont help you, having army will!)