Is supplies woth it?

If you are a versatile civ like spanish or chinese… is supplies worth it so you can include champions i your army?

Aoe2 always has the same response to your type of question: It depends.
Its most likely not worth it against e.g. ethiopians (why make champs vs archers if you have better options) while its most likely worth it against e.g. goth (if you dont go for hand cannons).
So: it depends.

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For imperial age yeah 100%. For castle age only in very specific situations, still best unit in this age is knight (cough cough), steppe lancer.

And what about for feudal rushes with militia with bulgarians?

Wow. Hum. Ok.

Well, my point is with bulgarians, as they update their militia for free. So you could do an early feaudal rush with militia. Supplies could help with the resources, bu i dont know if waiting for the technology is worth it, unless you somehow maintain the aggressive stage through the ages