Is the Age of Empires franchise lead by a toxic directive?

I think the issue is not the code complexity for the Alt+F4 problem here, but how to make sure it’s a good solution - for one, family share can still (and imo needed to be fixed FIRST) be issue - people can just switch accounts.

(Btw in a scaled system you probably need to store a blacklist to timeout, now distribute your 20 second solutions to scale it kekw)

Btw, just saying I agree that it’s a HIGH priority to fix Alt+F4 issue (I think devs need to be a lot more transparent to communicate with what they are doing), but it’s not easy as many thought.

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they can just do something…

  • ranked lobbies
  • unlimited bans
  • check of legetimacy of a player by games played, winrate, 1v1/tg rating comparison
  • timeout for people who dodge or crash
  • set the actual player rating by 1v1/tg rating, winrates, and wether a team is premade

just something to begin with

i don’t know if “toxic” is the right term, but it is a combination of incompetence and apathy


bro that’s my definition of toxic 11

For one,

  • I think ranked lobbies can be abused to hell for elo farming if done incorrectly
  • I agree with unlimited bans but some people says that it’s less competitive. I am actually thinking unlimited bans until really high level (2200+ ELO), somehow like what LOL is doing (the challenger restriction) - if you are extremely high ranked and want to stay ranked, you need to stay competitive.
  • Smurf detection is difficult (one way to evade your solution is to lose games intentionally to keep win rate 50%. A bot can do this automatically in free time, say when you are sleeping)
  • Timeout can work but need some fine tuning
  • Team matching algorithm is obviously not 2 lines solution and needs discussion. Maybe first step would be ask the devs to open source the matching algorithm.
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Nope. It should be basic approach for any company. The problem should be fixed fact to give user the best experience. After hotfix is done, They could start projecting “good” solution.

The only difference in the approach - they dont lose money with these bug, cause they already sold game (actually, loosing I did not buy the last DLC)
So either greed(new DLC) or their incompetence.

But even with all “time obstacles”. They have at least 2 or 3 quartals - enough time.


The problem should be fixed first to give user experience - but how do you ensure that it’s fixed for other users? How about people leaving because of the fixed 10 minutes timeout?

Imo it’s more of UX / UI issues than programming issues at this point.

But even with all “time obstacles”. They have at least 2 or 3 quartals - enough time.

nothing new

I mean the dev should have fixed it by this time. Just for my sanity’s sake don’t say it’s an easy fix. Every software engineer literally hates this when a PM says something is an easy fix.


Maybe it is because they are just bad? I would not exclude that as a possibility.

Imagine setting a punishment for DE crashing 11. That would not go down well with the players :rofl:

I think this is the best solution to the problem. The community is simply too divided on their ideas for a Match-Making system to actually work out. Some people only want to play map X, some people want to play everything but map X, others don’t want to play with players who instantly pick pocket (can understand why), others want to always pick pocket, etc. Then there are sometimes problems stemming from map rotation, too many similar maps, or just plain bad maps that almost everyone ALT+F4s, there’s no simple way to reconcile all that.

As a (semi-)retired C++ developer, I thank you for these words :smiley:


Just for my sanity’s sake don’t say it’s an easy fix. Every software engineer literally hates this when a PM says something is an easy fix.

Exactly. I would never allow myself to say something like that about a software architecture I don’t even know.

By the way, from my own experience: Easily fixing something does not necessarily mean that it is the best solution. Easy/fast fixes are probably most of the time ugly walkarounds that will negatively affect the maintainability of the software in the long term. And these could ironically complicate the implementation of further “easy fixes” in the future…


Of course not. It is the part of the community that does not understand how things work that is toxic. They have done an amazing job with the DE’s and that just shows how competent they truly are.
Fixing bugs and adding features can be a very tricky thing to do. They have to keep in mind what brings the most value to MS and the community with the limited manpower they have.


I think this thread and some People in here are toxic. Because this thread doesn’t help in any way to find a solution. People are insulted completely unnecessary that work hard trying to find and work out a solution. And by people who don’t do anything to solve the issue.

There are people on the ladder which intentionally ban the most popular maps because they want to put their opponent in most uncomfortable situation they can get them into.
These people don’t have a legitimacy zo complain getting Alr+F4 all the time, as their behaviour is actually one of the main reasons why we have that much Alt+F4.

These people are toxic. Not the devs.


Do you actually have an example of anyone doing that? Because this sounds really far-fetched.

I don’t waste my time by checking other people if they do this.
I also don’t flame other people.

But from live experience everybody should know that there are these people, they are about 2-3% of our society. Maybe not all do it that way, but some of them do it exactly BECAUSE they can coplain of getting alt+F4 all the time then.

Maybe you just miss that experience, but yes, these people exist.

And they use the “victims” role to cover all their misbehaviour by putting others in defence. The easiest way to avoid getting attacked because of the own misbehaviour, as people usually try to defend themselves from unrightous accusations.


Ok so this is not a real issue, just something you think, based on statistics you made up. Clear.


you should know aswell as SouMexican as you claimed victim of unfair maps or matchups and just try to put yourself as a victim eventho every map should be played and it shouldt be alt f4 or griefed just because you and others feel entitled to play arabia only

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It’s more a society issue that we allow these toxic people inside our midst and they usually get away with all their toxicity.

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