Is the Age of Siege over?

  • Yes, siege weapons are now balanced
  • Maybe, siege weapons require additional tweaks
  • No, the Age of Siege still dominates most games

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I saw the patch had dropped, but haven’t had a chance to play yet. I wanted to see what other players have experienced so far.

just finished a game where a HRE player spammed siege units and beat me.

Give it a week then open a poll for better results.


Maybe, maybe not.
The changes went on the right direction, but of course devs can’t go too crazy with the changes and make the units useless

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Maybe its over, we shall see.

It will require at least 2 weeks after patch release to get an idea of what people think about it all.

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The mangonel spam is real, mangos needed nerfing too, mangos and bombards were the problem.


I don’t see siege spam ever ending, they’re moving too slowly and doing too little.

This game is heavily built around siege, they’d have to change so much to fix it. I’m loosing my confidence in timely and significant changes. Every time I play now I just get annoyed that everyone makes 15 mangos and 20 bombards and now they’re just throwing some springalds in there.

Range is the issue, anti siege is still outranged by bombards except rus and Chinese springs, which are NOT the civs who needed help with siege.

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The main point of this patch is to improve the options for counter play against siege.
Now there are much more options to either take down siege units or to take advantage of their lack of mobility by running your army around.


What they mainly do is to strongly buff the calvary, which means the infantry(have bad performance towards the siege weapon compared to the calvary before the change ) is worse.

Idk about “much” more options, cav doin what they should’ve done in the first place isn’t much of another option imo

Every game ive played simce patch has been a battle of Mangonals…

Its so lame and painful bombards cant counter mangos anymore litterally the last game I played was about 50 mangos just firing at each other was extremely dumb.

Mangos are a serious problem now…

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What happened with springalds? Are they not effective against mangonels after the patch?

siege is expensive, if you are allowing your opponent to boom then ofc he will mass siege. most of the games i play never reaches age4 to begin with, i only play 1v1 but i understand how it is a real problem when playing 3v3 or 4v4

Funnily enough the siege is possibly slightly stronger now thanks to the nerf. I’ll explain:
Since the true anti-siege(springald) is now easier to take down with cavalry, while cavalry still need to fear mangonels in mass - the patch actually nerfed the anti-siege main counter more than anything else, which boosted siege play overall since their main counter is now easily countered more than any other siege unit. The devs tripped themselves over


I just played yesterday VS Rus , that close Up and makes no army. Instead, make a wall, Castle and 15 spring. Then bombarda mangos whatever, u never touch because his reach upgrades… kinda Boeing :frowning:

Its worse now. All mangerols

I’m not surprised to see everyone here mentioning mangonels; this is exactly what I would have predicted pre patch honestly. Mangonels are incredibly oppressive against infantry and always have been. It doesn’t make sense to have a unit that is the hardest of hard counters against such a wide range of units.

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only solution is to put number on it, only so many u can make and that is it, when players are dumb to play siege mostly…

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this happens because those who barely play the game complained about the espingardas and now they left and returned to their aoe2