Is the AI difficulty completely random?

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I’m questionning myself about the AI difficulty in MP. I play online with a friend. We always play with the same setting
AI diffulty : Hard
Map : Unknow and default setting on supremacy.

First game is okay we have no major problem but the second game the AI is much more hard to defeat ! We don’t understand what happen and we suppose a bug on AI or the capacity of they AI to adapt is own difficulty due to our previous game.

Did some of you already experience this ?
Sorry for my low englishg :stuck_out_tongue:

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And if you play FFA, the Hard AIs sometimes just ignore each other and all ganag up on you, which ensures you cannot win, because they Rush you down in quick succession.

I think the A.I is both worse and better then it used to be. For example their micro is better and they can herd hunts. They also let there villagers get raided and wont give up till they are way to beaten.

It seems to be civ dependent. What A.I were you playing against?

You can win you just need to turtle.

The AI is super inconsistent because it runs its villagers around constantly and changes its mind about what it’s trying to gather and it all ins what it is gathering. Sometimes this works okay, but other times it wastes loads of villager seconds gathering nothing.

Even if things go ‘okay’ I’ve found its much more aggressive in the early game which ultimately isn’t good for it and that’s regardless of who it is using, even if the civ is not great at early aggression. All you need to do is defend and it’ll constantly waste its resources on extremely dumb attacks regardless of how many towers or units you have or don’t have, it wants to attack and it wants to attack now.

Thart is not true, teh AI can literally deplete all resources on teh map, and still cheat in units that cost Wood, for example.
I have tried this.
An AI with 12 Artillery Foundries, in a game without Wood anywhere, could still spawn groups of 5 Imperial Horse Guns from all 12 AFs, even though it should not even be able to, due to pop limits.

AoE3 DE’s AI is super cheating, because it is not actually good.

Proof? There’s loads ways to get wood outside of chopping (market, factory, infinite shipment crates) and honestly if its gone THAT long there’s no telling how much they’ve got stockpiled.

Also you are exaggerating. 12 artillery foundries producing 5 Horse guns is 60. 60 Imperial Horse guns cost 360 in population at 6 population each. Not happening.

The AI on extreme definitely cheats by gathering more resources (40 or 50% I think) and I play against 3 AI on hard because I dislike the timing differences on extreme. I’d rather more opponents then outright cheating opponents, even though maps can bug because of this, but really it doesn’t matter how many I play because almost every game is ‘AI attacks like a dumbass in colonial no matter what’.

Play a game against an AI, and let it run for hours.

Everyone knows teh AI cheats in AoE3 DE, and always makes more units than any player could, and faster.