Is the "Anyone Order a Pizza?" achievement currently broken

I tried serval time to get this. I train a couple of hundered kill them and train some more. But the achievement will not trigger.
So far I do everything like in the hints

  • chooce and non italian civ with Italian ally
  • beafed up my housing to 500
  • build 20 baracks and starting spamming Condottieri
  • Killed hundres of them and trains some hundres more.
    At the end I trained over 2000 of them but still nothing. But all I can see is that the achievement will not trigger.
    Does anyone know if its currently not working.

It’s likely not working since the last patch because they changed the way achievement works so that you can get them both for Steam and Xbox or something and it’s causing issues ever since.

I know their are alot of problems since the last patch came out. Since the game is totaly unstable, I try to get easy achievements. Yesterday I gather 20 sheep, Killed 20 Villagers in Dark Age and stuff like that. All these achievements worked for me. Even the "Spam the enemy with 500 Karambit Warriors " also poped up. But not this one.

But I saw in the Crash log for this try:
“[rlink - error] 2021/07/09 20:40:17.203 (UTC) Achivement not modified”
over and over again in the log. So I thing this one is 100% broken

Just made a post regarding this bug under the Report a bug toppic on the forum.
Can confirm this achievement is currently not working as I tried it in many different ways. Even followed guidelines found on the internet. Tried with friends, with bots, anything and it is not working.

I have the same bug with trying to complete this achievement to train 1000 Condottieri. I bought 60+ Condottieri in the Dracula 5 mission from the Italian Mercenaries camp & the number stayed at pre-bug levels. I also tried to train 60 Condottieri on a RM skirmish with an Italian ally, still didn’t work…