Is the AoE worth to play?

Hello guys I want buy AoE:DE but i don’t know it’s worth to play. Please give me your review about game, how multiplayer works and how many people are playing. Thanks

There are dozens of reviews on Youtube about this. I would highly recommend to take a look there.

You can play a huge battle.

And every Thursday they have a weekly show which you can watch to get an idea.
It just about to start in a hour or so today, at 10am PT (Pacific Time) precisely.

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I’ve just looked a bit at it, with apparently the same community managers as during the beta, they were active on the forums at this time… and now what are they doing when not streaming ? I don’t see any news from the series…

Because there ain’t no news yet. No news is good news, as we like to say. Nice and quiet. :wink:

So with your feelings are you recommend game guys? It’s really hard choice :joy:

Not for me. Every AOE is worth to play imho. And every AOE has it own’s pros and cons.

I think the game is overall good. But they should have included balance fixes from Age of Empires - Revisited. Little small things like the cost of a granary is still 120W but that means you need between 2 to 3 straggler trees to afford one. In the Revisited mod the cost is 85W which means one tree and a little more is needed. On some maps like oasis you just don’t get straggler trees as close as you would like to keep the game flow. But other than specific micro issues, the game is awesome.

Death Match Greeks

Playing a scenario as Choson

I have lots of fun playing the game. im no expert but still enjoy it. you have to know what you are getting though. its a forsaken game already and not so many ppl playing it. expect lots of lag online, no updates at all.
Price is cheap at least

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