Is the basic range of monks too long?

A monk without any tech have 9 ranges,longer than all archers with full upgrades(except longbow with civ bonus and UT).It’s terrible.
Perhaps we can change the upgrade of monks to 6+3+3 mode. or 8+2+2 , 7+2+3? instead of 9+3.
Block Printing can remain in Imperial Age,Civilizations with 12 ranges monk no change.
or move to the castle.
BTW,Monastery is the only building that have not LV2 tech,I also hope that Aztec monks with full upgrades have 100HP.This is a perfect number.

I think:

  • the idea behind 9 range for monks is to outrange mangonels.
  • The idea of block printing is to outrange onagers+SE and be somewhat competitive (but not oppressive) against BBCs
  • The idea of 7 (8) range for xbows (arbalesters) is to be countered by mangonels/onagers.

This is supposed to be a triangle counter, because xbows should snipe monks thanks to decent range + faster speed + faster projectiles + weak monk survability.

If the monk converts one of your 20 xbows before dying, the monk player is still losing (xbows are cheap) and cannot do anything (converted xbow cannit do anything and instantly dies). If the monk converts one of your 3 mangonels before dying, it is a big win for the monk player (mangonels are expensive) and he may also kill one or two of your mangonels or siege your buildings.


Yeah monks are slow, so range isn’t as much of a factor as ranged units. Mobile units can just close the distance and even archers can chase a little and then snipe from a distance.

Converting a building and then switching to a unit for insta converts, that’s what needs nerfing.