Is the DE team doinmg something about Smurf in the TG leader?

For a casual player like me is very annoyng to face Smurfs. The games are not balanced, and there is not much fun in being crushed by more experienced players, who create new accounts, presumably to inflate the ELO of their friends,. Please do something about it. The smurfing and the ALT F4 thing are kiling the team games sadly.


99% of twitch viewers/streamers don’t care about team games so no it’s not gonna get fixed

The current TG calculation is just bad and exploitable by smurfs. Having a good rating system will kill the use of many smurf accounts. The solutions seems easy, but the devs are already investigating the situation for many months without outcome and without them explaining the thoughts.

Join the fight for a good rating system:

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They are doing nothing i have reported 10 times vivi and the other trade pointers on the ladder, violating the rules by manipulating the ladder…

I’ve lost track of how many times you’ve posted this haha

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I just posted in another thread that it is ashame that the devs dont really do anything with reports…

I know the answer: Too many times and it still not fixed by the devs…

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