Is the fish gathering rate a problem?

There are a few maps which provide players the opportunity to fish early on and I think it leads to bad gameplay.
Usually what happens is, at least one player will go for an early dock and start fishing. If the other players doesn’t do that, the only option he has it to basically all in with spearmen to get rid of the dock. If you try to play a normal game, you will most likely be too far behind and just get outproduced.
This mechanic makes those maps very stale…

I think the best solution to this would be to nerf shore fishing (either rate or amount per spot). Also those “hybrid” maps shouldn’t be spawning deep fish.

Let me know what your experience is with those hybrid maps.

They could fish the seas well? It’s kind of on them if they fall behind if they chose not to fish. The maps are designed to split resources between two sides so both sides can fish if they scout it and then build on it. Nerfing it the way you’re saying sounds more like a punishment to the guy who took advantage of fishing.


There are a lot of maps where the water is between players. In cases like black forest it’s fine, as both have the same options, but on others it just comes down to who can keep his dock.

Which is good, different maps should offer different experiences. Hopefully when ranked mode comes out people can veto some of the experiences they dislike.

It’s like any other map feature (relics / sacred sites / trade posts) where if only one player takes advantage of it then the player that ignores it should be at a disadvantage or what’s the point of even having them at all?

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This is a fun mechanic and there is no need to nerf that.
It would be understandable if only a few civs could take advantage of it while others can’t, but this mechanic is equally avaliable and viable to all civs and its very easy to mess it up.
In the end of the day its a player’s choice whether they go for it or not.