Is The generic market broken?!

So i was talking with @CheshireWig3203 about Saracens market and he said it is broken, then he said actually it is not the Saracens market itself, it is the generic market!!! Actually i was surprised, why? I am actually a Saracens civ picker-for now at least because i always pick civs and try new/crazy strats- so what i did?! I picked Bulgarians and i play with them exactly like i am playing with Saracens and by the Market, the result was a big shock!!! I got the same result like playing with the Saracens market!!! I did rushes, i reached fast castle…it is the same thing!!!

So i asked @CheshireWig3203 how did you know that?! Then he said that Nicov and Hearttt did this with Celts because they saw Hoang do the same after he smashed them with 0 farms!!! So actually it is not the Saracens market itself that strong, but the generic market itself is broken!!! 11, that was a big suprise actually, the only difference between Saracens market and the generic market will not be noticed until a long time by using the market and the early sell/buy costs, so you can do the same rush/build with anyone’s market as it is the Saracens market!!!

Spirit of the law have a good video about how the market is work, he said that the market works with 30% fee and if you researched the “Guilds tech” it will reduce it to 15% fee and Saracens have 5%. So what do you think about the GENERIC MARKET after you now knew that how the generic market is broken itself ???!!!

this is the link for spirit of the law about the market : The Market - YouTube

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So there is a tool in the game, the market, every civilization has access to it, you can gain benefit by using this tool yet the meta is not overcentralized around using it and only it.

So, what’s the problem? Isn’t that just what a good game mechanic should be like?

The thing is that you can do the same thing with generic matket as it is the Saracens market, so Saracens don’t have anything special with their market rush except for long term. It is just insane that you can make the all-in market rush with any civ!!!

If all the civs have access to the market then it is not broken, maybe it is a little under used by the meta but that’s all

Well you could say a strategy available to all civ is OP if this strategy is the best regardless of the civ. It’s clearly not the case with market abuse, sure if you don’t like facing all-in strategies you will be tilted but besides that market-fueled all ins have heavy downsides.

Also: The Market can easily abuse your uptime: I usually arrive to Castle Age at minute 15 after a Drush, instead of 16:30. I’ve faced this many times and used it many times: it is insanely strong.

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I feel like the market is stronger when there are less people using it.


I love 4v4 human game because usually market is forgotten and I can easily sell 1,5 K food and wood and get 2 K gold (not exact numbers, but it feels like this). AI always uses this. Sometimes when you need to advance to Castle Age and have 700 food, sell 100 wood and buy 100 food and time. Sell food and wood after booming if prices high and nobody used high price boost.

Also another trick: if you are dependent on food units, like Hussars make a lot of farms. Usually food isn’t sold and you can use both gold and farmers to create good army.

Market starting from 70 (or 60, I don’t remember I just shift click) is broken gold boost. It’s strong for Late-Game. For Team Games you can sell and boom easily (usually). In 1v1 if you can use market, use it before your enemy but usually it’s fast game and you can’t have a break to use market.

Did you seriously…not know you can use the market when not playing saracen? You are true gold :smiley:

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Saracen market allows you to exchange for insane good prices the first times you use it and the market is cheaper, so you can change 300 extra wood for gold and food without losing too much value, they usually keep good prices during feudal time cause no one has really big economies.

For a civ like celts it works cause you are not selling 300 wood but 500 or 600 wood.

Saracen market was abused since release for monk rushes, selling stone since it was the most scarce resource in those early minutes, giving them cheap market was a mistake, now the pop 22 one archery range into fc with 10 xbow+2 min 17 is a serious thing, but well lets see how that works with the reduction of the bonus to buildings.

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Other civs can do it as well, since they have other eco bonuses, that makes up for them having the generic market and thereby having more resources. If the market had been broken, this would have been a much more used strategy already.