Is the wiki trolling us? "The old coot mistery"

They didnt make it woke, they made it dumb.

Original AoE 3 TWC featured already the Noble Savage stereotype, with a Pocahontas/Avatar side switch.


Also, that is, the Lakota campaign was relatively historical (the first missions were during the Red Cloud War in 1866 and the last in 1876 during the Black Hills War until ending in the Battle of Little Bighorn) but now they took all that out until recently being able to play with the Lakotas in the last missions…The Haudenosaunee campaign is only the first two missions and then it is an entire revolutionary United States campaign from Breed’s Hill in 1775 to Yorktown in 1781…

Am I missing something? What happened?

Legacy version of AoE3 has “Crazy Horse” representing the Lakota. DE replaced him with Uncle Frank and wiki gives 2 reasons of doing so:
1)Crazy Horse could not be portrayed without permission from his maternal family
2)Expand on Black’s Family lore

Oh, I have not played all the campaigns in DE so I guess that’s why I was confused.

I’ve watchad that cutscene a dozen times and never noticed that. Mind blown.

That screenshot was taken at the lowest graphical settings. Higher graphics would have made the musketeers look as high quality as Nathaniel.

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