Is the wiki trolling us? "The old coot mistery"

Ok, checking the wiki, I saw this:

“…and he makes a cameo in the epilogue video of the Act I: Fire in which he can be seen watching his great-grandson’s victory.”

But out of the 1001 times I’ve played the game, never have I seen Morgan as the old coot out of the First campaign.

He wasn’t visible in the last level (Yorktown)…

He didn’t show up in the epilogue cut-scene in neither DE or VANILLA editions…

So… did the fella who make that wiki sentence just pull that info out of their behind? Or was it just a troll?
(Help me out here guys, I’m losing my mind hahahhahhsshsfghgsfdsg)


I think Morgan is the old coot in Amelia Black’s campaign.

Lore-wise he drank a canteen of water out of the Lake of the Moon, which contained the Fountain of Youth (which he destroyed). Thus an unnaturally long life.

I don’t remember him appearing in Nathaniel Black’s campaign, but I guess it’s possible.


He is alive during Nathaniel’s campaign.


Logically he would be, however I don’t believe we see him… am I right?

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It’s been a while since I last played it, but no, i don’t remember seeing him.

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He does appears in the Fire and Shadow Campaign, not in the epilogue but in the prologue (look upper right)


Wow, I’ve played through the campaigns a number of times but I don’t I ever saw that!

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So the Wiki had wrong that it was in the epilogue, when in fact it was the first part of the campaign.

Dang, he just there… watching…

Him being the old coot is 101% confirmed.

  • We see him refill his bottle with the lake’s water after destroying the fountain
  • His Old Coot visuals share similar features, like hairstyle, beard and boots
  • We hear him speak with a similar accent in Amelia’s campaign
  • He clearly knows about “The Circle”
  • In the VANILLA editor, his unit literally shares the same portrait with young Morgan
  • We see him following around the Black family (His family)

Where the theories continue, is WHAT EXACTLY he did in his timeline after his campaign, and HOW LONG did he live.
As far as I’m aware:

Using as a reference the year 1565 (The great siege of Malta)…

  • He was born around the year 1540, so that he was maybe 25 when the campaign starts.

  • The events of his campaign develop and he drinks the fountains water.

  • With the Knight’s of Saint John divided, he probably continued to look for the Circle’s remnants with only a small loyal regiment.

  • The compendium says Morgan had 4 kids total (Stuart Black, Phillip Black and 2 unnamed kids), at some point, he might have met again with Lizzie, which means some, if not all, where with her (Implied by Amelia).

  • Some of the kids were separated from Morgan, which is why Stuart has a British nationality, so he either had a falling out with Lizzie (taking some of the kids to England with her), or they just reunited every once in a while (Compendium says Stuart (the youngest) was neglected :cry:).

  • Eventually, he outlived everyone in his generation, he puts 2 and 2 together and figures out that the fountain’s water WAS really magical (He had a suspicious expression looking at the water in the VANILLA epilogue).

  • As he kept outliving everyone, he likely changed his name periodically to hide his age…

  • He was dedicated to keep tabs on his family and The Circle, but never revealing his familiarity (Amelia doesn’t know him).

  • His aging progressively slowed down to “not at all”, since there are at least some 30 years between his cameo in Nathaniel’s prologue and Amelia’s credits scene and he did not change at all (He still aged a bit, since he walks slowly, has grey hair and need a cane to walk).

  • Around 1790, Amelia is born (Using the battle of Yorktown as a reference), so in the campaign, she is in her mid 20’s.

  • In the end, Morgan kept around Amelia, watching her adventure and business, waiting around the Falcon company’s (Sahin’s nickname reference?) train stations.

  • He tried to talk to her, asking to confirm if a Mohawk (Nonahkee) was her grandmother (He probably couldn’t get too close to Ká:nien’s village); he sounds concerned as he asks if her company is really going bankrupt.

  • We see him for the last time after Amelia defeated the Circle by destroying The Ossuary (Around the year 1815 (Using Bolivar’s revolt as a reference)), he proudly congratulates her for her achievements, mentally scars her for life, and then walks away from the train station…

After that, it’s anyone’s best guess, he either dies naturally, dies horribly, or keeps living forever, because we don’t see him again in Chayton’s campaign (which ends in 1876 after defeating Custer).

Also, when checking the VANILLA cutscenes, he does show up too, but I was more surprised by them 2005’s musketeer designs hahahah

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I made this real quick

In VANILLA Age of Empires, Chayton either died in 1890 or went home to wife and kids, and that’s the last we know of the family tree…


Yes, Morgan black is the Old Coot…

I’ll correct it when I can…

Very old and bearded for being 25 years old…for me Morgan is around 40s-50s in 1565…

Not necessarily, remember that Scotland and England were unified into Great Britain in 1707, so they would have British nationality anyway, then Phillip and Stuart Black would settle in Brunswick, North Carolina in 1726, 30 years before John’s campaign (John was born in the 1730s)…

*1817…Amelia tells Kanien that 5 years have passed since Nathaniel’s funeral (which we know from the Fire epilogue was in 1812)…

Yes, it is most likely that after Steel, Morgan died in the 1820s at the age of 300 or that he is directly immortal and is still among us as an old man in St. Louis xd…

Those beautiful 3D RTS graphics from the early 2000s that look like they were taken from the PS1 xd…

Yes, that’s right…Chayton and his family were massacred at Wounded Knee or sent to reservations in 1890.

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Its already 100% confirmed that Morgan is Old Coot.

The only concern is who did Morgan marry to have a son like Stuart Black.

Even John throwing shade at his uncle like a reflex

“You uncle Stuart stay with the other women.”

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It is understood that Stuart was Morgan’s youngest son and that he was very pampered in London, while Phillip accompanied Morgan on his adventures in the first half of the 18th century (we are talking about the 1720s there)…keep in mind the Freedom Cry dlc from AC4, which takes place in 1725 around there…

Perhaps Stuart was taken by Lizzie to London in the pirate ship, and the crew mistakes him as prisoner or cabin boy

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Let’s keep in mind that it is near impossible that the developers will continue to expand on the Black family lore, so it’s pretty much up to us to fill in the gaps.

I had a classmate that was getting balder than Walter White and another with a beard wilder than Morgan’s before they were 18.

But yeah, I did low-ball Morgan’s age :sweat_smile:

Yes, Lizzie sent him to London for his education…with Phillip no idea, but probably the same…

He always was xd…

They did it in Shadow with Uncle Frank Warbonnet, so they can always make a campaign with Phillip and Stuart in the 1720s, establishing the colony of Brunswick and fighting against the Spanish and French and also the Haudenosaunee (the father and grandfather of Nonahkee and Kanien)…

A lot of testosterone xd, yeah if I let it sit for 3 months I also grow a beard like Morgan’s one :joy:.


Ugghh, don’t remind me. The Shadow remake might be the single worst written campaign in RTS history, so I wouldn’t trust World’s Edge with adding any more Black Family lore.

Yes, they added more development to Chayton at the cost of breaking up the entire campaign and making it more “woke” (goodbye wars against the Lakotas, hello fighting a band of outlaws :cry:)…