Is there a chance that AOK civs get some new features?

After seen original 8 civs are all reworked by last aoe3 major update, I do really hope such thing could also happens to aoe2, so I post this thread.

Yes, we already get some, like Mongols get Steppe Lancer, and there is a rumor that Huns and Goths will get Dromon in next Rome update.

But we should admit there are still 11 civs get nothing since Forgotten Empires dlc released.

Most of new civs, like Tartars or Bulgarians, they got at least 2 unique features on release, such as unique units, culture shared units or a new building, which make AOK civs looked simple and dull.

As I understand, AOK civs are major civs in human history, and are the roots of many later branched cultures, they should got more, or at least equal, but not less.

I think culture shared units is a good idea.

Since steppes culture got steppe lancers, surely middle eastern culture, Asian culture or European culture, three cultures with longer history and more variety should get something.

Here is my suggestion, just for reference.

Middle Eastern Culture:
An all-round cavalry units recruited in castles.
Need university built first.
Can shoot enemy with bow, attack melee enemy with blade and throw touches to buildings.
Weakness: each Ghulams will took 2-3 pop.
Use armored Trade Wagons to replace normal ones, with thicker armor and higher hp.

Asian Culture:
Long Glaive Warrior:
Can be recruited in Barracks, be a new line or serve as a 4th tier spearman.
Deal aura damage like elephants, other stats are same as Halberdiers.
Use Rocket Launcher to replace catapults, it’s a catapult with longer range but lower damage, and need to unpack before fire.

A heavy armored infantry that could be trained in monastery.
Could heal other units when free from battle.
cost more golds than normal footman line units.
Use guild to replace markets, villagers could garrison in, generating small amount of gold every second, but can’t train trade wagons.


What unit are you talking about?

My computer is a little old, I will edit later.

I don’t think those civs will get any changes. Those civs are the original ones from the base game. Some people will be very mad if devs touch them. aoK civs are the meta and everything else comes from there

How about create a dlc for them?
Player both with such dlc could play them in MP, but when play with player without such dlc, they will play original ones.

Why would anyone buy that dlc?

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Because they want to play something new.

People pay for actual new content like civis,its unlikely anyone would pay for a dlc that adds few regional units.

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I don’t know the logic behind your words.
Add a new civ would add 1-2 units, probably a new mechanic to game.
Add regional features could also add new units and new mechanics to game.
Is there any different?

Yes its very different.

Want to learn some details.

DLCs add civs. Not regional units. Regional units may show up with civs, but not alone.


Maybe you are right, but I’m not sure.
Forgotten Empires dlc add unique techs for AOK civs, and 3 feudal age warships in later updates, but seems no one complain about that.
In DE edition, they changed byzantium architecture to Med style, also changed civ bonus for Persian, and add steppe lancer to Mongols, and still, no one complain about that.

That’s because they are introducing civs, and making other changes as they do so, not overhauling old civs and calling it a DLC.

Is that a theory confirmed by devs? Or just your opinion?
What’s the reason behind that logic?

They have never done a DLC without new civs. It’s because civs sell, people want new content. Making changes to old civs isn’t the same. And no, it’s not technically officially confirmed, but it makes a lot of sense financially.


Then, if they add new civs, will it be possible for old civs to receive new contents at the same time?
I just feel it a little unhistorical that major civs have least contents, when minor civs have many.

Where can I find this rumor? And what is gallery?


Not gallery, Dromon indeed. Gallery is a misspell for Galley.

Although I would like to see some love for the original civs that has to came with some new content
New regional units, new mechanic, new technologies have to come with something totally new
It could be add as a new branch civ like Burgundians or Poles did in their DLCs (and please devs, new scenarios/campaigns)