Is there a Difference between Portuguese Besteiros and Papal Guard Crossbowmen?

Is there a difference? do they gain a cummulative bonus? Or is it just the same?

You can stack them to get the best Guard Crossbowmen in the game.

Do you have data on that?

Hmm, I’m not sure what answer you want. The Portuguese Xbow is a royal guard and requires an additional 300w, 300c of resources.

However, they cannot use the Royal Guard Crossbow unless they are Church Cards or Papal Guards. And they have Casadors, so there’s no reason to use xbow.

They are separate technologies and thus stack AFAIK. Will check techtreey later.

They do stack. With both Besteiros church upgrade and Ordinance Besteiros from the Barracks, they will get +10 HP, +1 Ranged Attack, +1 Hand Attack.

I have tested it, they do stack.


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Church shipment + 2000w + roughly 1000 resources (by not choosing the other politicians) it seems a really expensive unit. I’ll have to test it to see how it compares to regular guard cassador

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They are still much inferior to Caçadores, the only advanatage being:
-they cost no Gold (pairs well with Mercenaries, specially Lil’ Bombards, but otherwise actually a downside)
-the Church upgrade gives you a ton of them
-Papal Guard makes their RG upgrade cheap
-they benefit from the Logistician politician (only other unit that does so, is the Musk, which is also RG, and is a much better strat).

So i have finally had the time to test this myself and this is not entirely true.

If you make vet + besteiros + ordinance besteiros they will seem to stack as the “guard upgrade” does give an extra +1 + 10Hp to regular besteiros They will have the 160hp+25 attack

If you make the Besteiros only the Vet. will be automatically researched and you will get 150hp+24 attack besteiros which is better than the vet Xbow (120hp +18attack)

However, if you do vet + ordinance besteiros they will also get the 160hp+25 attack. If you then research Besteiros it will not affect the stats in anyway. (only change is the name from Ordinance Besteiro to Besteiro).

So regarding this does it compensate to research Besteiros or to go papal guard.

At first glance, Papal guard seems the low cost choice, as for the price of 1000 resources (vet 200w+200g +300w+300g) you will get the best crossbowman in the game.
This is wrong, since you have to factor in that choosing papal guard also takes 1000r in oportunity cost (2 organ guns, or 1000g for example)
So papal guard gives you a 160hp+25 Crossbow

This is abusurdly expensive - which means Papal guard should receive a boost

If you go Besteiros you need to spend a shipment + 150w +2000w and you get 22 crossbows with 150hp+24attack and an almost guard upgrade (this translates to 1760 resources - from the crossbows + 400r from the vet upgrade which already surpass the 2000w invested and you get an almost guard upgrade).
With the armour upgrade you can get a 160hp+24attack crossbow.
Also, since you dont have to go papal guard, you can use those 1000r in something actually useful.

TL.Dr. dont use papal guard, go Besteiros instead


Thank you for your service.

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