Is there a mod to display all military units that you currently have?

The title says it all

UPDATE: I want to see a breakdown eg:
Crossbow: 20
Scout: 5

This used to be displayed before in the game when I select military mode on mini map but now i don t see this breakdown.


Not sure exactly what you want to see, but you can switch the minimap to “Military Mode” to see the counts of different units and make them easier to see on the minimap.


There’s a hotkey to select all your military units (up to 60, obviously) :slight_smile:
Just press the hotkey from time to time to check what you have


I guess they mean the number of military units, just like you can see the number of Villagers/economic units? (But in that case I don’t know the answer to the question.)

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I think he wants the capture age way to see all units. With icons.