Is there a place to see a list of the mission changes for FE in DE?

I’m playing through the campaigns and I got to the Forgotten campaigns and noticed some were remade from the originals and some were the same.

The fandom wiki didn’t seem to be complete and didn’t mention all the changes, only some.

Is there like a complete list either in a post or in an early game update log or announcement that lists all the missions that were reworked so I can reference which ones are new?


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bumping in case anyone knows of something.

@PhillySouljah @BassiAoC Maybe you guys know the details? :smiley:

I feel like the Forgotten DE remakes have been under-marketed and well… Forgotten.

If you consider the value of new single player campaigns being something a lot of people are after, new levels, then the Forgotten is actually mostly a whole new set of more new missions that arent being talked about that much.

In fact when they introduced gold medals for completion-ism they made it really be a thing to finish all the missions. The old Forgotten campaigns were so amateurish that they were a pain to play through. Now not only are they new modern basically fun polished new content on par with the new Last Khans campaigns but it makes it so there are no weak areas to suffer through when going for a full completion of all gold levels on hard. Thats huge value!

Nobody even remembers or wants to play the old ones so its a huge blessing and almost more new content than the actual new content but its not obvious or well advertised.

I still cant find a breakdown if its just all new? Im having fun playing them wish i could follow along with what is new and what is the similar to before so i can see which missions are totally new. On the wiki some dont say what if anything was changed; some do, not all.