Is there a voobly-style public webpage where you can view all your matches/profiles/etc

Also when you click on match details all the stats and chat of the game can be viewed.

This website says: no stats available - go play.

I have played quite some games already…


If you’re playing the Steam version of the game, be sure you’re logged on to the web site using your Steam login vs Xbox Live. Otherwise it will be looking for stats under the wrong account.

That said, we’re still working on improving the stats so your results may vary in completeness.


Wait, so I have to log into the web site with Steam account in order to view my stats and probably also to see my mod subscriptions and subscribe to mods? But why then do I need to log into my xbox live account in game in order to publish mods?

I wondered so far, why are my web site mod subscriptions not synced with in game mod subscriptions.
Well, this is confusing. Would be best if my mod subscriptions would be synced between game and web site when I have logged into my xbox live account in both.

Can you please make an in game stand alone friends list? I really don’t want to have three or four friends lists running outside the game.

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how can i login to with my steam login?! WAT. there’s only one option for logging in which is using microsoft account

Might not be what you’re looking for, but you can view leaderboards on


If you’re on the Microsoft Store version of the game then it’s 100% XBL account, but if you buy from Steam and publish mods, then you have to work in a mixed environment. This may change in the future.

It’s not enabled on 100% of the web site yet. If you click the subscribe button on the web site while not logged in, the login prompt there will give you an option to log on with Steam. It appears elsewhere on the site as well, but not all features (Clans, Forums) on the site support Steam login yet.

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Will we be able to access recorded games for each played match at some point? That’s a super helpful feature.


We’re looking at adding many new features as we continue to roll out updates to the game. I can’t say for sure what will get implemented though. Definitely good to know it’s a desired feature.


Yes!!! Ability to download recorded games would be amazing.


I would say it’s not only desired but sorely needed. Many websites such as or rely on such feature to gather and exploit data. I know the official website will display some sort of data, but giving people the liberty of doing it themselves is preferable, as there is always going to be some sort of niche data that would be interesting for some but too niche to be considered worth displaying on the official website.

Also, online recs are extremely important for the competitive community. Being able to download recs from a player to analyze his playstyle, study his strategies or simply just to have fun watching a player you like are all things a proper competitive platform should have.

Tangentially, being able to download recs is crucial for streamers too. Someone like T90 often finds himself going through the Voobly page of a player he knows people enjoy watching to find interesting and funny games to cast. Such thing is simply impossible on DE currently.

And lastly and maybe most importantly : it’s a basic feature that Voobly has, and this is supposed to be AoE 2 DEFINITIVE Edition. It is supposed to be the definitive version of the game, combining all the features of previous platforms so that it becomes the only game we need. So cutting out on such a basic feature would be going against the very premise of this remaster, and to be honest I’m pretty baffled that’s it’s not a sure thing that it’s going to be implemented.


@DodoNotDoDo: Thanks for the response :slight_smile: Yeah, I logged in using Steam, but still nothing coming up. Good to know that you guys are working on this. I know it’s a feature also other people I know would really appreciate.

@KanyeTWest: Thanks! It’s not that detailed, but at least it lists all players and their ELO.

Player recs being available is an important feature from which the community has benefited for years. Going back to around 2011 or so, when people started earnestly uploading Aoe2 videos to YouTube, they did so by casting recorded games. Voobly profiles simply allow you to look at the top players, find interesting games that they played, and then cast them. And they allow us to do interesting things such as finding 13+ hour long games, analyzing statistics from recs, learning by watching professional player games, collecting recs for organizing tournaments, etc. It’s difficult to make content when these basic tools, which we’ve had for years, are missing.


Is there any plan for an update soon? I mean I am looking at this page almost every day and always getting disappointed. At least the initial page now shows the correct ranking, but it’s still worse than the third-party site Having more stats available and even recorded games would be much appreciated.


Also wanted to ask again if recorded games may be coming to the site, or some other way to access them, maybe in-game. This would be a great thing for the community.

Hey, I also think it is key. It is how I became so into age of empires, downloading the small rec. files and zooming around games offline at my own pace. It helps the more casual players “get to know” the more experienced players as well, and get to know each other too.

I am also having nothing shown on my page, I finally found a way to login through steam to the stats page and that is also empty too. So neither xbox live nor steam is showing nothing to me on stats page.

Hi, having a public page to see not just the number of matches, but a list of the matches with the names of all the players involved, the map, maybe score etc. (I know this is easier than making the recordings available and so could be a good intermediate step)

Also we love the updates, adding to the civilisation pool, maps, lobby match making, graphics, etc. (I think for lobby match making taking into account 1v1 is important for team games)

An old thread here, but I wanted to let you all know that we finally got the Age II DE stats pages updated. It should no longer have issues of missing data and does include match replay downloads. If you see a little film icon next to a player’s name in a replay detail screen, you can click it to download.

Be sure when logging on to view your stats that you log on with the same platform you purchased the game through and play on, Steam or Microsoft / Xbox Live as your stats will be tied to that log on.