Is there a way to check a unit stats before creating it?


I’d like to know if there is a way to check the stats of a unit before creating it and be able to select it.

I mean, when you select an existing unit in the map, the UI shows the stats for that unit, such as armor, attack, etc.

But Id like to know if there is a way to easily check those stats before creating that unit, for example hovering the mouse over the unit icon with the proper building selected (in a similar way AOE2DE does this) so you can decide based on those stats which unit is more convenient for you to create on that moment.


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currently no. you have to build the unit first.

The problem is that there are so many data to each unit. In aoe2 the stats are very simple and easy to summarize (except the bomus damage and bonus damage resistance, which are sadly hidden). In aoe 3 most units have 2 or 3 attacks with different rate of fire and multiple different multiplicators, which requires a detailled.

Having a very detailled description would be great to have indeed, especially if it only gets displayed if activated in the game options. That way, people who already know or do not care will not have too mcvh screen space covered by the tooltip.

I often do not dare to produce non regular units (outlaws, natives) because I am not sure of what I will get.

As alternative, if it is enough gor you to just look up at the stats of units outside of the game for game understanding / theorycrafting, there is the wiki:

If you google “aoe3 your_unit”, the desired page should be as one of the first link. It is a little deprecated here and there, but most stats are correct.

In addition, I heard that some people from the community were working on an extensive “aoe3 companion” app, that should contain the stats and should be available in the coming few months.