Is there a way to delete a forum account? Support is clueless


I’ve been having issues for several months now because I have seemingly two different accounts: One for the Insiders program and another one for the actual forums. My username is actually identical except for a “1” added at the end of the incorrect account (see my “bad” username above).

No matter what I do (clear cache, cookies, logout/login, etc.) the forums keep using my non-insider account for everything. The most I’ve been able to get from support is to send me an account activation email which works fine until I’m forced to log out for some reason, like today for the AoE IV Beta badge.

I don’t see an option to delete my non-insider account. Is that reserved for support to do? Can somebody here help me with that, please? I’m clearly enrolled in the Insiders program since I’m posting here and I was also an AoE IV Beta participant.

This is my proper account, which I can’t access after logging out a few hours ago:

Make sure that your email account on the forum is the same email as your regular insider account on the main website

Thanks. It is not, but I have no control over changing the email.

The non-insider account has a gmail email address associated to it. If I try to change it or add my Microsoft account enrolled in the Insiders program, it gives me an error stating that the email is already in use. So I’m stuck in a circle: I can’t add/change the correct email but if I logout and login with the correct email, it throws me right into the incorrect forum account.

Can you change your forum account email to the same email as your insider account on your forum summary/ preferences tab?

This is what I see in the non-insider account preferences:

That gmail account shouldn’t be there, so then I click on the wrench icon to change it to the insider email:

But it fails with an “address already in use” error, which is technically right because my insider email is in use, by me, but I can’t untie the gmail account or make it not the default.

Hmm, that’s weird. Not sure why it would do that. I guess you can contact support, but you said they couldn’t help you🤔

It’s probably an old forum account that for some reason is stuck. If I go right now to “” and check my gamertag, it’s the right account, the insider one without the “1” at the end. It’s an issue just in this forum. I also frequent the Flight Simulator forums and I have no issues there with duplicated tags or emails.

Support sends me an account activation email that works as long as I don’t logout, but sometimes you are forced to. If I had a way to generate that activation email manually I can simply do it myself every time this happens, but I see no way how.

@DodoNotDoDo perhaps you can give me a hand with this? I’d be eternally grateful.

The TL;DR is that I need the account “EricGonzalezM1” deleted so I can access the forums with my working insiders account, which is “EricGonzalezM” (without the “1”).

Hmm, yeah this setup really shouldn’t be possible. I think I just relinked them correctly. Try logging off and back on and see if it connects you to the right account now.


Let me check. If my next reply is with the other account then you’ll know it worked.

You are amazing! Thank you so much! I don’t know exactly what you did but I owe you a beer.

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