Is there a way to do full map screenshot that like in HD?

I tried to do it in Capture Age but it’s laggy and not high res. I want to show off my city to a friend.

Capture Age is the only way to get a full map screenshot.

Maybe you could by using an insanely high virtual resolution, if the game, your GPU and its drivers can handle it. That way, bump the resolution much higher than your pixel count, you’ll see a wider area in one go.

Otherwise, I’m afraid all is left is ye goode olde method of taking separate screenshots, then taking a picture edit software (Paint will do) and manually assemble them.

If you try to do this with in-game screenshots (not sure if this applies to Capture Age), make sure you turn off visual effects like bloom, depth of field, water reflections. Otherwise the edges of your screenshots won’t match up.

Take several screenshot and merge them. AOE2 is 3D isometric that mean you won’t have any difficulty.

Really sucks we don’t have this feature like before because I made tons of cities and don’t feel like stitching shots after spending days on the scenarios themselves as well as mapchart maps. I think I’ll just invite him over and show him the city lol. Thanks for the reply.

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