Is there a way to keep the new player colors after the event ends?

I really like the new player colors because of how bright and cheerful they are and they fit in game very well.
I was wandering if there is a way to keep the colors after the event?


Just log in Xbox Live at least once, and you will keep the mods. And anyway I’m sure someone will copy the mod and release it later for people who couldn’t do that or missed the event.

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@Zetnus any plans on that?

I intend to, once the event is over.

I didn’t for the anniversary event, because others had already uploaded ones, but I have those saved too.


Anyone knows what the 9th Brown Unit Palette (Aside from Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, Grey and Orange) is used for? No way to make for instance the Gaia use the brown unit palette?

That’s very nice, thanks!

Here are some of them. I’ll do the rest later.


But gaia is using it

Gaia units are still grey as far as I know

Dark brown, 20 characters.

Any screenshots? of this brown.

Check this post out:

You can also go to the editor, make some buildings, hit 0 and put a unit behind the buildings and it’s clear that you can’t even notice them since they blend in so nicely now. The outline isn’t grey as for gaia normally, since gaia isn’t grey in color in this palette.

Would be good if the Gaia units were coloured by default brown not grey/black (not outlines but the unit colours themselves). Anyway to do this without affecting the 8 player colours?

To me it looks like black.

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I don’t think you can separate the outlines from the unit colors. But then again, I could be wrong. Imo gaia outlines should always be white, can’t find relics or resources behind buildings either.

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I’m quite impressed by the new palettes - Plan to keep the blue, red, yellow, cyan, orange and black. Restored the green and purple as they were abit too jarring. Good if the brown could be added for Gaia to add a 9th option.

Here are the remaining mods to keep: