Is there a way to receive notifications via e-mail?

My forum account is connected to my Microsoft account, same as the Castle Siege forums account. And I receive e-mail notifications for the Castle Siege forums. But then when people reply, react, or do anything that I am supposed to be notified of on this forums, I didn’t receive any e-mail regarding this matter. I don’t visit the forums everyday and all the time so I would not know if someone mentions me, answers my question, messages me and all that. Is it that I forgot to do something, or is this a bug, or is it a feature that is not implemented yet?

Currently that isn’t available in this community, but you can go to your profile page under “Notifications” and see all comments to any discussion or question that you either created, responded to or were mentioned in. It goes by the most recent comment and you have to hit the next button to view the next page etc.

Kind of hokey but such as it is. Perhaps they will upgrade to include email notifications.

I made this suggestion in the Legacy Games Forum Suggestions thread. We’ll see if anything becomes of it. I too miss email notifications.

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