Is there a way to Redeem a Physical Copy of the game?

I wish to purchase the physical copy however I do not have a CD-Drive in my PC.
Is there a way I can purchase the physical copy and redeem it in Microsoft store or Steam or something like that?

In my country :switzerland:, most of the physical copies contain just a Steam key. It should be written on the physical copy something like that it does only contain a Steam key.

By the way, if you live in :switzerland:, the physical copies (containing only a Steam key) at local retailers are up to +30% cheaper than on the Steam store since the game release.

Look on Amazon and you can order. It arrives by post on a card inside a small cardboard box.

I’ll have a look in stores.

I see on Amazon that there’s a windows digital code.

Does Age of Empires 4 have no physical disc?

It has no physical disc unfortunately.

That’s a bummer.

Is this 20 characters yet?