Is there any to bypass the minimum ram requirement for pc or play this on my xbox one

I was wanting to play this game but my laptop isnt strong enough to run it. It has 1/4 the ram required for this game I got the laptop in 2018 btw. Is there a way to bypass this or use the windows store to install it on my xbox one. I have played the original release the pre 1.0c release the 1.0c release the hd release aoe1 aoe1 rise of Rome aoe1 de aoe3 and aoe3 tcc. I bought it on the windows store because its linked to my xbox live account which doesnt have a device install limit. Anyway let me know if you find a workaround that will at least allow me to play without buying a new laptop. My xbox live account is the same on xbox 360 and xbox one as it is on pc Danny Of AD 1. I would prefer both a reply on this forum as well as the xbox live messenger.

just upgrade the ram on your laptop? those are pretty cheap and will improve your laptop in most aspects

This is a PC only game, so it will not run on a console.

The minimum RAM requirement according to Steam is 4GB, recommended 8GB, are you telling me you bought a laptop in 2018 with less than 4GB of RAM?, that seems quite unlikely.

Even if you added more RAM like the above poster suggests, your video card may not be able to handle the game since it sounds like your purchased a low-spec laptop to begin with, it sounds like your only option will be a new PC capable of running modern games.


I looked into it it’s not the ram it’s the video memory it has 1 GB of video memory when the minimum is 2 and the recommended is 4 the other issue is the version of windows 10 it doesnt let me install the may 2019 update so I’m stuck on the april 2019 update due to a bug I pre ordered the game on november 12 2019 as for the actual specs it is somewhere in the mid end range as aoe1 definitive edition ran without issue for about a year and the only reason it doesnt now is because the connection to the servers is bugged I mistook the ram for video memory my bad. I also was wondering about bypassing this requirement so I dont have to spend 2500 on a new computer to play it for the time being or wait an unknown possibly indefinite time to play it on console more specifically the xbox one. Just wondering if theres an easier less expensive way to play the version I bought as of right now or if I absolutely need an upgrade to play it. By indefinite amount of time I mean likely an infinite amount of time. If there isnt another way to get it I’d even go for a demaster which is the same game with downscaled resolution file size and system requirements. I’m just wondering what my other options are if any.

You pretty much need a “gaming” computer for this game. Not a very good one but a decent PC.
1GB VRAM is too low. And even if you would bypass this VRAM problem maybe other components of your PC are also weak…

By “spend 2500 on a new computer” I hope you’re not talking about dollars, because you can build a decent PC for waaay less… or play the HD (2013) version.

Does it run okay if you play Single Player, on a Tiny map, with a population limit of 25, with the graphics turned down low (e.g., low particles, low bloom, low animated fog, etc), and Easy AI difficulty?

It might be worth a test, if you haven’t already tried.

If it works decently at low intensity stuff, then you can start increasing things one-by-one until hopefully you reach settings you can enjoy better and that run okay.

But if you put everything on lowest and it still performs poorly, that’s probably not a good sign :confused:

Playing online multiplayer will probably be a bigger hurdle/roadblock to overcome, I’d think, since I think the graphics and map desires/requirements are probably less customizable

Either way, $2500 PC won’t be necessary. Much less than that should be fine, as RoninSan7691 said.

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Aoe1 de ran fine with a pop cap of 50 on giant maps single player but I haven’t been able to connect to the servers recently have they shut down as for aoe2 de though it wont let me install it due to a bugged patch and half the minimum video memory and I think the patch bugged because I was trying to install dolphin emulator to play ssbb since my disc for it barely runs. As for the 2500 dollar comment I meant to be able to run it and every upcoming pc game easily notably aoe3 de and aoe4 as for the ram it is probably 6 to 8 times the video memory so video memory is 1 gb and ram would be 6 to 8 gb. I dont know if changing the graphics card will help though. I did find a way to use my home cities from single player in custom scenarios in aoe3 tcc. I also create a lot of levels to play in single player and aoe2 hd level editor has a loading bug. I got the laptop september 9 2018 so that could explain why aoe1 de runs fine on said laptop.

Forgot to mention that I run the laptop on battery saver mode and aoe1 de still worked with that. I am going off of what the windows store says I have for video memory so it might have rounded the video ram down to a non decimal digit. And I actually do most of my gaming on xbox and nintendo consoles which explains the indefinite wait time for an xbox one version. Just thought I’d clarify.

Obviously it depends just how far into the future you want to go, and what resolution and frame rate you expect to achieve, but I have a gaming PC that has a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and 5700 XT GPU, and it runs current games extremely well. In the UK, such a PC can be bought for under £1k including VAT (sales tax), e.g.

It scores around 1350 for the AoE II DE benchmark, which if you look at the thread where people have posted their results, is a better score than the majority of people are reporting. That’s just an example of a spec, price and performance, rather than recommending anyone to get that exact spec.

Incidentally, I’ve read that the obstacle to releasing the game on consoles is they haven’t come up with a way to make the UI work well with a controller. IMO it would be worth releasing the game for Xbox even if it doesn’t work well with a controller, as I think a lot of people would be willing to plug a keyboard and mouse into their Xbox to play the game.

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I look for 60 fps 720p as far as framerates and graphics which would place it around the same resolution as my tv from 2013 for my xbox one I’ve done some research on file sizes and yes higher resolution means larger file sizes and longer download times most of the time as going from on disk aoe2c to aoe2 hd changed the file size from 1500 kb to 5 gb without hd expansions but because developers emphasize 4k and 8k it seems like getting a new laptop is mandatory. As for the xbox one version theres an extreme amount of requests for said version an unfinished metacritic page for it and the xbox line of consoles is made by microsoft the same company that owns and publishes age of empires. For the unfinished metacritic page type aoe2 xbox one metacritic into a search bar to find it. As for my argument for why it should be on xbox it has made it’s way to other platforms one of which isnt looked fondly upon in the age of empires community and the other being turn based for the ds. I also have to point out halo wars for xbox 360 xbox one and pc. As for my lack of knowledge on pc gaming requirements that’s my bad I’m not up to date with pc costs since i generally play on xbox and nintendo systems see above.

I have a friend that is playing with the IGP of an ATLON 200ge, using his ram as vram, if that super low end cpu with vega 3 can run this game with no problem, that is a 50 bucks CPU, really far from those 2500 you are saying.

Anyway you need to give us specs of ur laptop, usually you don’t need to do anything unless it is locked in the BIOS, if you don’t have enough VRAM it starts using RAM instead, if you don’t have enough RAM either then it uses your HDD or SSD as virtual memory.

All of the specs except for video memory are compatible with the game according to the windows store page however a bug is preventing me from updating it to the most recent build of windows 10 so its stuck on the april 2019 patch. Check the windows store page for the minimum specs it has.

As in the only 2 things it does not meet the requirements for are video ram and the may 2019 patch due to a bug.

So far I think most of you dodged the question. I’m trying to play it now without having to upgrade my laptop for two reasons one is the covid 19 pandemic making it very unsafe to go outside and the other is that there isnt an xbox one workaround that I know of for the foreseeable future. Please do not ask me about the specs again because I’ve already answered that question. So if you dont have a workaround that works without saying buy an upgrade it’s not going to help the situation. I’m asking for workarounds not recommendations for what hardware to buy.

Lol this guy …

You need to buy new hardware, your current hardware is not good enough.

We are not wizards.

What did I just say? I didnt ask for you to reccomend new hardware or what hardware to buy. I asked for a workaround. Now that that’s out of the way I’d like to ask any future responders to please remain civil meaning no laugh at this guys statements or questions in the comments. I would also appreciate any news updates on an xbox one version from july 2020 onward.

I suggest contacting Microsoft as you appear to have two issues that are both down to them:

  1. The fact you cannot install a more recent Windows 10 version, which may be the sole cause of your problems, as it can prevent Windows store game installation.

  2. If fixing 1 doesn’t sort it out, you would like to force installation of the game on hardware that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. FWIW I looked at GPU RAM usage and the game uses 1.1GB GPU RAM at 1366x768, so maybe it could JUST run in 1GB at 1280x720. So you could tell them you have reason to believe it may work and would like to at least be able to try it.

I think you’re more likely to get these 2 things addressed via Microsoft, as they’re not specifically related to this game.

Well I’m not going to be able to fix these issues with covid 19 running rampant so I guess I’ll have to sit this one out for now.