Is there any way to extract what's inside Scenario Files (.age3yscn)?

I’m making a scenario, but putting triggers for all players is really anoying and takes a lot of time even when they are all the same. The only thing that changes is the number of player.

So, it would be faster if we can extract and modify the triggers file with a text editor or something, because it’s only copy and paste for all players, maybe even using a for( i = 1; numofPlayers) cycle. I find this easier than create again and again triggers in the editor.

So far I managed to find a triggers file, but it’s temporal and outside the .age3yscn file. You can see the difference between copying some lines of code or spending all day creating triggers in editor.

Nope, impossible.
The files are completly useless outside the game.
besides, it woulnd help you much anyway, because actions like " Modify protounit " and " Set tech active " are done ingame. You have this as ingame syscall for Tech Set Status
" void(*trTechSetStatus)(int playerID, int techID, int status); "
PlayerID okay, you can fill that.
techID is impossible to find, because thats “rendered " in the exe file, for each tech.
Status good, would be fill able.
" void(trModifyProtounit)(const char protoUnitName, int player, int field, float delta); "
Here the same. " int field” is rendered ingame by the exe file. Noone would know that " Field = 38 " is the meele attack of a unit ^^…

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Yeah that’s not possible. What might help you are some custom trigger packs or defining your own custom triggers, though that’s not super easy to do either.

I know they are done in-game, but what triggers all is this kind of file.

So, if it could be modified and then put in the .age3yscn it would be really easy.

I’ve seen some players do advanced stuff with their scenario, like if they programmed it outside. Thats why I’m asking.

Unfortunately I don’t speak german, to search info in the language of them.

Show me what you mean, and I’ll translate it for you.
but in the end, it’s all done Ingame.