Is there any way to move the game from Windows store to Steam?

Hy , i have the game on microsoft store, and i really wish to move it(the key or something) to my steam account.
Is there any way ?

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Hi @MoronicGinger6, The latest Microsoft Store client of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition includes crossplay with Steam. If you would like to have the features of the Steam version, you will have to buy the game on that platform. There is currently no way to link your Microsoft Account to your Steam account and receive a key for both platforms.


Ok , thx for the reply.

If you can life without Steam Trading Cards you can add the Definitive Edition to Steam as a non-Steam game using UWP Hook.

However, I’d suggest you buying the DE Bundle as it comes with AoE 1 and AoE 2 DE for around 30 $