Is there anyone above 900 elo in the DE balance team?

Feels like every patch makes balance worse then the previous. Could I suggest you just give up on your patches and just ask players esoc what to change? or at least get in contact with a some 1700+ players?

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I have to say 50 food crate really sucks. More inportantly im curious why the devs didn’t find that vills can’t collect this crate automatically. There are only two explanations for this. 1. The devs are such good players that they use shift operation as good as pros. 2. They never test their updates, and never play the game, otherwise they can’t bear so many bugs existng in this game.

ELO 900 is too low. With videos from top players, player can reach at least 1100 with at least a week of practice. The ELO required to the developer is considered 1400+. David Kim, who was considered the worst balance designer, also maintained a diamond rank in SC2. I wonder if the developers of AOE3 are also aware of the game like that.

Users don’t ask developers for incredible game skills. At the very least, they require the ability to understand exactly how the unit and building mechanisms they design will affect the game, and what role those mechanisms will play in the game, that is, an understanding of the game.

My elo is 1398.Now,I think the Sweden and China and Russia have some problem.In the patch,have many bugs for the game.Be like the Homecity data:XPhomecitytown!That’s more.