Is there enough Europe civs?

Quite frankly, I think there is. There is more than enough civs. I don’t think there needs to be anymore. The next DLC should be in one of these places: Africa, the Americas, Asia, or somewhere other than Europe.

That said, a joke DLC mod could be funny where it turns each of the respective states of the Holy Roman Empire into its own civilisation.

  • There is enough Europe civs.
  • There is not enough Europe civs.

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This discussion keeps coming up every few topics. The community is split, there are people who want more European civs, and people who don’t want more European civs.

This topic already has more than 100 individual votes on the question.

And I don’t think many minds were changed by the discussions in that topic.

At this point, I think having this discussion is redundant.


Me, I’m waiting for threads about whether there are enough threads discussing whether there are enough European civs.

But yes, we have a pretty high number of European civs.

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I’m for more European civs. Especially Serbian civ. I don’t like arguments like “There’s nothing new or exciting to add” which can be used against any new civ not just specific from Europe. And besides, there is always half people for it and half against it, so i don’t see why would some people disenable other people to have something they want???

It is so childish like “I don’t want that so you don’t get to have it either!”.

Ask for what you want, don’t prevent others to have what they want!


i see only chance for serbs if they add vlachs in balkans dlc


It can be added along with Ottoman campaign. It can be added as part of mountainous DLC. It can be added as part of new civ set ie Byzantine set. It can be added as any European DLC.


Armenians, Georgians, Vlachs, Croatians, Serbs, Swiss, Venetians, Navarre/Basques, Aragon/Catalans, Armonica/Bretons.

And that’s not even renaming Slavs to Rus & possibly splitting them to Kyivan, Muscovy & Novgorod factions. I think it’s also worthwhile to take some things from the Age of Chivalry: Hegemony (Indeed, this has already been done).


Lets split Dravidians to:
By that logic

These civilizations did not even have 5 million population together and all of them, except Serbs and Aragonese (a.k.a. Spanish) were irrelevant in the enitre Middle Ages.


The problem mostly comes from the supposed civ limit of 48. Therefore, you are literally doing that while having already enough Europe civs, whereas other regions in the world haven’t had enough yet.

If the civ limit is 100 as an example, then no, we don’t have enough Europe civs. I wouldn’t mind seeing the much-wished Caucasus or Slavic split, to Scandinavians and who knows, maybe even Inuits 11…

after we’ve had civs from other regions first, though. Because I am very much so against more Europe civs now, especially working under assumption that 48 civs is the limit.

You could also make a case of when do we have too many civs. Memb answered that well - ‘nah, give me hundred more!!’ :stuck_out_tongue:


The least amount of civilizations I will be satisfied with is 70, but I want 100 at minimum.

Honestly I’m split myself, because I both feel like ‘yeah, we’ve had enough civs, 100 might be too many!’, but at the same time I also feel like ‘well, I’ve played each civ already and could do with something new now’ 11

The joy of playing Random civ all the time, I guess.

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How naive to think that this cannot be changed


Do we even know where this limit idea comes from? It is even confirmed or anything?

I mean, I said it in another thread, I would love to see Castille and Aragon civs, since Spain is very focused on Imperial Spain instead of the kingdoms from most of the AoE timeframe (it also has the wrong shield). But other civs should take priority if this limit exist (then again if it does exist, Spain could get some rework too)


it’s not about if it can be changed or not.

it’s more of operating under the assumption this is the limit until told otherwise. also it’s questioning if there even is design space for it with bonuses.

Game files have space for 48 civs. could this be just a temporary limit? Sure it very possibly could. but until told otherwise it’s better to operate under the assumption 48. imagine if we spent 3 of the last 6 slots on European civs (giving them 21 or 22 civs), nearly half, and ignored other parts of the world and then the devs came out and said no more civs. Doesn’t really seem fair.

furthermore even if they came out today and said “Yeah more civs then 48 is possible and we plan on it”, we shouldn’t revisit Europe for at least 1 more DLC anyway.


Even without the hard limit of 48, the current civs are the combined product of over 2 decades of on again off again development. Thus puts the average rate at which they’re published a bit under 2 per year of so. You also may have noted how the bonuses, techs and units have drifted towards a more asymmetrical style because the room for variety in the center is drying up. It’s great to dream of more and more civs, but something would have to change drastically for the number ever to reach 100. And even if it does go there eventually it would be past 2050, based on the historical data, before that moment has arrived.

So if person A has ten civs they want to see and person B has another ten civs they want to see all they can do is bicker. Because if person B gets their wish that may not mean A’s civs will never happen, but A will have to wait for them about another 5 years at least, during which time Microsoft may or may not stop development of the game, processors might stop supporting this type of program, person A could die in a car crash or aliens might invade and eat us all. (Some options more likely than others.) We’re living in a glorious time for aoe2, but there’s no guarantee that “we’ll get there eventually, just be patient, my civ ideas come first”.

So, given that hard reality of life and gaming, I suggest trying to get the most important, most diversifying and most fun civs made first. Broad strokes, then fill in the gaps. So yes, we should all push our own ideas to the forefront if we want them made.


So let’s bash each other’s ideas and civs and push for our own!



More camels! :smiley:


we now had 2 DLCs dealing with europe, i think the devs should after india finally got split into multiple civs. Stay in Asia and let at least 1 DLC take place there. after that the devs could like to visit africa again, only 2 civs using the african architecture set seems a bit strange… after that you could visit europe again. that would be my roadmap for more DLCs

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The problem is why should we apply those standards to Europe and not the rest of the world?

And tbh that goes in general, we have gotten a TON of Europe content lately which has made Europe extremelly fleshed out for this game and most civs people ask for arent even a substancial regional power. Just leave them rest until the rest of the world gets a better representation

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Camel skirmisher Camel gunner last 2 remaining units to add.I guess there can be a camel lancer but that would again be just a melee camel unit.