Is there no camera rotation? otherwise game is unplayable

Is there a camera rotation, otherwise game is unplayable!!!

Sometimes when I click workers to mine trees, they are going from opposite side, because trees are overlapping and if you don’t click on right tree, they are going around, which is inefficient as hell! Also not to mention when you need to wall of workers mining trees, or you want to click them on closest trees from lumber camp - it is hell to micromanage… Or if there is like gap in your wall, that changes outcome of whole game…

I don’t understand how this game is played on pro level, if it is so random, you can’t even affect your lumber mining. If you can’t even control your units in this game…

This game didn’t need camera rotation before, and don’t need it still. This is a 2-D game (2 dimensional)
You can use modifications that reduce the tree size to 50%. That’s how we did, and still do.


Use ■■■■■ trees mod. Also use Alt+click

Mods allowed in ranked play???

What does alt+click do?

Every mods are allowed, except data mods

OK TY! What are data mods?

Mods that changes stats or values of the game.

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I couldn’t google this also read mod site… I supposed since they are regularly used in ranked it would warn you and you can’t get banned for these… Just in case. Ty!