Is there no possibility to change the name anymore?

In original and HD version you can change your name ingame.
Is that still possible in the Aoe 2 Definitive Edition (Steam)? I can’t find an option to change my name.

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On steam i think it takes your steam name, changing it should change your name in game too. If you’re already in game it may require you to restart it to get the change.

I can’t test it right now, but i remember it working on HD.

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Yes, it’s working via Steam, but I’d like to change my displayed name in Single Player matches.
In Aoe2 HD (also Steam) you could change the name in options menu. Seemingly they removed this now.

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It seems that your name follows your Steam/Xbox user name. So…

Same in Aoe2 HD, but anyway you hadn’t to use your Steam name in Single Player matches because you could change the name ingame…
But it’s not so bad, then I change my Steam name (sometimes).

I’ve been confused by this for a while. My searches for how to have your name in the game different to your Steam or Xbox name has never found any information on how to do it. But just today I have seen this, where Hoang has got the name Celts to show as his name in game:

At some level, his name is still Hoang, as Viper’s overlay picks that up, but he has set a different name to show in the bottom right. How do you do this?

Some pro players had smurf accounts. So Hoang had a second account with the name Celts. He play on both accounts.

just to clarify here, hoang has 2 steam accounts to do this with?

Yes, you can find steam accounts on



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I agree. I liked being able to invent new names to play as for single-player and matches vs. AI with friends. And friends liked to change their name.

Being locked into Steam account name takes the enjoyment level down a minor notch or two. I think AoE2:HD player names might have been locked to Steam names, too, which was also annoying and counter-fun.

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So how was Viper able to play with MbL’s name here?

lol by changing his steam name…

It’s an exact match for MbL’s name, though, does Steam allow name clashes?!

You’d be surprised how many of the cheaters chose the exact same name with pros.

Most known one is Zharoon.

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Okay, so looking into it, let me see if I have understood this (I bought the game from Xbox not Steam).

On Steam, you have an account name, which is private and unique, and a player name, which is not unique. When you play AoE II DE, only your player name is revealed to other users, so a player has absolutely no idea which Steam account they are playing against? So there is therefore no possible way to report people for e.g. cheating?

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Yes, it does, your display name can be whatever you want it to be and it can be changed at any time, this is different from your login name.

Steam profiles are still uniquely identifiable and I’m sure using the report function in-game sends a report using that unique identifier. This is probably part of the reason player reports are not allowed on this forum.

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yeah probably use’s the steam user ID (a unique number)