Is there no way to bind Mouse Buttons still?

Been trying to but it’s a no go. I like to select my Town Center this way.

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Hey on AOE 2 DE we can actually put the buttons on the mouse. This one aspect kinda dissapoint me since i usually use that button for finding my TC and Idles.

Hopefully Dev add the option to bind to mouse button on the side of the mouse soon. Also you cannot use Shift+key?


Indeed, the extra mouse buttons not recognized by the game were mentioned so many times, I would AT LEAST like to bind the idle villager key to an extra mouse button, at least that.

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I use Razer synapse and it works excellent. I have changed the following:
Mouse scroll up = Tab
Mouse scroll down = Reverse Tab
Left Side button 1 = Ctrl
Left Side button 2 = Select all idle villagers

But if your mouse software does not support that you can use Autohotkey


please let us bind mousekeys

how is this not a default option

this has been in every other age game


Luckly I can rebind on my mouse’s software but its absurd that a game allows scrollup/down to be used for zoom control, but cant be used for anything else.

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This was raised as major issue on the closed beta and the AOE4 devs have completely ignored the request. I guess they dont actually want this game to do well


I posted about this in the beta too, it is really strange how those two buttons are not mapped at all, unlike virtually every other game.

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A work around would be, depending on your mouse and the software associated with it is to make a macro in said software, be it Logitech Ghub or Razer-- etc


i see2 i will try this one first then

Currently im using Fantech mouse. I will try to use those macro first if its working

Thanks I tried the bind work for me. Ill test later in game after I done with my work today.

Thanks man

Yes I would love to be able to rebind my 2 side mouse buttons as well. Please consider this, devs!

This is an RTS with a ranked ladder so I would bet a good portion of the player base has a gaming mouse with extra buttons they would like to use. Especially since RTS games are time based and every second counts, hotkeys and speed are critical. I know this has been mentioned before but I think its an important note to the devs.


Shareing your Opinion, Mouse should be useable for hotkeys.

Just found this, maybe this will help until they make Mouse useable:


Thanks for the guide

The Corsair scimitar works. You just have a profile where you map the mouse buttons 1 throu 0