Is there USA info about the civ and their units at the Compendium?

So we have USA as playable civ but where’s the info at the Compendium?


Yes, please add info about the new us civs as well as the new mercenaries, please! I really enjoy reading the histotical context of things in the game


Many things that were added to the Definitive Edition didn’t seem to make it to the compendium. Revolutionary units all of the new maps including some maps like Ozarks from before are missing. If I had it my way, some of the histories would be rewritten in a format more akin to Age 2.

Ensemble Studios and Big Huge Games never hesitated for a second before adding new things into the History section of the game for new units and such. Some of my fondest memories of AOE2 and 3 consist of reading those.


This is exactly the first thing I did when the USA dlc was launched but no USA in compendium and the units too. As for me the compendium fo AoE 3 DE is much better than AoE 2’s. Hopefully both get updates and more flair even as the lowest priority.

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