Is this a new AOE4 clue?


the 14th of November is xo19, so maybe more information then about aoe 4

Ok, but why they’re sharing this clue now? Maybe we (insiders) could have more info soon?

I’ve been watching the picture and the video for like an hour… seems that there is some password hidden there. Or maybe they will give a password to people coming to the X019 and I’m wasting my time.

One of those photos is of the Tower of London - does that mean they’ve taken my earlier suggestion (posted here) of making it the Britons’ wonder?

I’m guessing the other one is Machu Picchu.

There is an discussion channel on the official discord for the arg


Some members got the actual postcards:

If you look at the plane ticket, on the backside it references AOE2: Wonder victory and Relic victory. It also puts the years “1997-1999” which is totally AOE2.

Perhaps they’re gonna bring out a huge single player campaign?

I think we should not take it lightly it will happen something! Lately AOE’s official Twiter account has posted an image related to Aztec’s AOE 2 DE as it’s one of Elric’s clues. And I think that our friend @AlexM has made a very interesting and probably essential report.

:rotating_light: I think it’s the key to solving the mystery ! The table must provide us with the access code to the site !!! Someone would be able to do the overlay ? Please! We need to know what lies behind all that ! :rotating_light:

For the moment that’s what I have and it’s not nothing !!!

From the official Discord of Elric discution

Feelsbadman been waiting for a long long time for anything about AOE IV.

Both Images Part 1 and Part 1_Maybe have different file sizes. P1_Maybe is 4454kb big (like the note with B44A44RO554ISMINE!), P1 is 5025kb big