Is this map hack or that bad at this game?


I was playing today, and after two lousy matches against the same guys, I’ve come to suspect they were cheating.
At the second game I noticed cyan player went straight for his sheep and soon after came straight to mine and stole then.
Later, he set camp (as he did in the previous game), stealing my gold mine.
And even though I went for a gold mine back, he soon went there “to find out”, kinda already knew it was there.
So I got angry and resigned.
Do you think they used cheating?


MP Replay v101.102.15522.0 #(81058) @2023.04.12 233614 (3).aoe2record (1.5 MB)

People are going to be hesitant to download files. Can you say something about the game - elo of the players, their total number of games, map, settings etc?

Well, let me see. Their elo was little less than a 1000, it was Arabia, ranked match.

Soon at starth cyan went straight for my sheep:

And blue went straight for my ally:

Cyan surrounded my base perfectly so I wouldnt even know he was there, and they kep signaling each other for positions, even though they were only in dark ages:

Cyan knew exactly where not to scout, in order not to drive my attetion:

francoezequielmunoz has 360 games
capitanazoo has 826 games

Both have low victory rate, but suddenly were playing quite strongly…

I haven’t downloaded the replay (though it doesn’t seem like a fake link, seems to be a standard one), but in this picture wouldn’t someone ‘map hacking’ know where the enemy TC is so they wouldn’t run under it?

Generally you can assume the enemy positions and they might’ve just gotten lucky, but maybe someone with free time can go through their names and see their recordings to see if they continuously get just as lucky, which then would be suspicious. Note that guessing enemy’s town center might not be that hard of a task, and even flaring positions may not mean ‘player is there’, but could be ‘go check there’ - in which case, I’d also say it’s possible to accidentally flare correctly, but if they continuously do it often, then it’s suspicious.

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Dont really think they are map cheating.
In particular I think red is not really lucky and have two forward spawns.
Also red decided to scout his back first which costs the four sheep.
This is noob mistake: Never scout the back first. Always scout the front.

it is fairly easy to figure out enemy TCs in 2v2 scenario, so it is natural for teal to go in that direction.
Also teal has mongols ally so natural for him to go lame.

He didnt even get the first two sheep directly, missing that. Someone flared the white sheeps for him and then he grabbed both sheeps.

Blue decided to go into TC directly, does not look a hack and costs a scout. What benefit does it bring?


this aint that marshmallow guy we saw few months back so probably not cheating

Thanks guys, for the input. I’ll pay more attettion to those details you all mentioned. :slight_smile:

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