Ismali campaign, level 5,

i cannot find last relic cart…

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there is one next to the lake by the ottoman base

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what actually happens when you collect them all? I just killed green because they were annoying and then pink and won the mission.

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This side quest is pretty much pointless, you will most likely already won the mission before you found like 3~5 relic carts. And the Red will just get destroyed by Teal before they can even make a proper army to protect themself.

Especially when you aim for the achievement, you would want to hit Ottoman asap and ignore this side quest. I found only 3 or 4 when the first time I beat the mission and got the achievement

Unless you intentionally not win the mission and stay longer just to challenge yourself to find the relics, I guess that’s the point.

Same, there’s no incentive to make the Qizilbash stronger past a certain point. You can just steamroll any faction on your own once you’ve boomed to 200 pop.

Especially since getting ALL of the Relic Carts implies to beat every single enemy player on the map simply to get access to them, INCLUDING the Ottomans. So this objective doesn’t make much sense.

The way I would have done it is put all the Relic Carts in neutral places, or easily accessible places without having to raze an enemy base in the process (like a sneak move from water using a transport, something like that)…

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Not necessary to beat enemy, just send large group of Scout-line to scout the map, except one behind wall that need group of knights to break the wall.

Also, if Qizilbash scout found it, it still count.

I play a bit long in Standard up to 9 relics (found myself only 4-5, the rest is by ally) and it make Qizilbash powerful that could win some weak enemy by themselves and more command to attack enemy.

As for 10, I think it push Qizilbash power further and give command to attack Ottomans.

My ally didn’t do much but collect wood and construct additional buildings per relic cart. It’s like they ran out of resources or something because they stopped producing units after a while, they have no farms and seemingly only rely solely on fish and don’t bother to rebuild their Dock. I played on Moderate but they were largely trashed by Cyan despite me saving them for the most part. They don’t seem worth helping?